The Hope And The Change – Official Movie Trailer

By  | The surprising personal journeys of 40 Democrats and Independents from across America who supported Obama in 2008. Available NOW on DVD.

Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was a cathartic moment in American history that promised the electorate “Hope” and “Change.”  Citizens United Productions’ latest film, The Hope and The Change, examines the journey of forty Americans – Democrats and Independents – who supported and voted for President Obama four years ago.

This 60 minute documentary follows the daily lives of hard-working Democrats and Independents through unscripted and unrehearsed interviews.  Our diverse cast encompasses a broad cross-section of America’s racial and socio-economic spectrum and comes from seven swing states that experts say will decide the 2012 presidential election. Viewers will see how their nation’s economy and society has changed over the past four years under the policies of President Obama.

The award-winning team of Producer David N. Bossie and Writer/Director Stephen K. Bannon traveled to Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia to search out these authentic American stories from citizens who have lost faith in their President.  President Obama campaigned in 2008 on “Hope” and “Change” and what these stories from Americans show is that they are disappointed in the direction of the country.  The voices of everyday Americans in this film will have a major impact on the debates that are currently raging across America.


The Daily Beast: The Hope and the Change: New Citizens United Movie Blasts Obama – 08/21/2012

The Barack Obama of 2008, the inspiring candidate whose soaring rhetoric transfixed a nation, is about to re-emerge, in a film meant to alter the course of the current campaign. The Obama of four years ago will again be seen at the height of his powers, transporting vast throngs of supporters to a promised land blessed by a new kind of politics.

The movie’s creators do not wish the president well.
The film is a product of Citizens United, the conservative advocacy group whose landmark 2010 Supreme Court victory over the Federal Elections Commission denuded campaign finance reform, earned an unprecedented State of the Union rebuke from Obama, and gave rise to the dominant role of Super PACs in national politics. Those were unexpected results; what Citizen United really wanted when it took the FEC to court was to make movies.
David Bossie, the group’s president, had been impressed by Michael Moore’s 2004 anti-Bush polemic, “Farenheit 911” – not by only the film’s commercial success, but by the impact of the advertising campaign promoting the film. Bossie considered Moore’s ads far the best political spots of the 2004 cycle, and he decided to transform Citizen United into a political production company. He’d make conservative films targeting liberal candidates, perhaps making some money through the sale of DVDs. But his larger purpose was to use the advertisements for his films as political weapons, exempt (he hoped) from the restrictions of campaign finance laws because they were in support of a commercial product.Read the full article