Ed Klein Responds to Clinton Spokesman Phillipe Reines

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Below is Ed Klein’s response to Clinton spokesman Phillipe Reines, who attacked Klein on the revelation in his new book The Amateur (Regnery), out on Monday, that Bill and Chelsea Clinton urged Hillary to leave the Obama administration and run against Obama this year after Bill had commissioned a secret poll last year http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/bill_blockbuster_an_amateur_XJHYdaV5LT1vpr5I39IKrN

“You mean Phillipe Reines, the spokesman for the Clintons, is calling someone a liar? Is that someone’s idea of a joke? Team Clinton’s record on truth has as much credibility as Kim Kardashian talking about marriage. After all, Bill Clinton is the guy who lied about Monica Lewinsky to his cabinet, his daughter, and his wife.  As for my credibility: Over the seven years since I published ‘The Truth About Hillary,’ no one has been able to successfully refute anything in the book. In fact, Vanity Fair ran a long excerpt from ‘The Truth About Hillary,’ which went through the magazine’s rigorous fact-checking department.”