Heller Meeting with Judge Cadish Fails to Break Impasse #NVSen

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From Las Vegas Review-Journal:

WASHINGTON – A meeting Friday morning between Sen. Dean Heller and Clark County judge Elissa Cadish failed to break an impasse over her nomination to the federal court in Nevada.

The two met for half an hour in Heller’s office in Las Vegas, a Heller spokesman said.

Afterward, the Republican senator said he remained firm against Cadish. Heller said he remained troubled about a statement she made in 2008 that called into question her views on gun rights.

“I respect Judge Cadish and believe she has had many great accomplishments in her career,” Heller said in a statement. “However, I cannot support her nomination as a federal judge.

“I believe an individual citizen has the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and cannot in good conscience support a nominee whose commitment to the Constitution’s Second Amendment is in doubt.”

Cadish requested the meeting after Heller declined to sign off for the Senate Judiciary Committee to schedule a hearing on her nomination to become a U.S. district judge.