Under the Fedora Supremes, Limbaugh and Scripture

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The biggest news of the week has been the Obamcare debate in DC. For three days before the Supreme Court arguments were made before the court on the constitutionally of the law.

For the same three days there have been protests for and against the law.

I attended the AFP protest at the Capital which drew a fair amount of Congressional stars to the stage.

Meanwhile the Daily Caller reports that the SEIU protestors I saw where paid to be there.

I think congressman Allen West nailed it when asked about the lack of congressional presence at the pro-obamacare marches:

I don’t think they have the courage to come out. That’s the argument in a nutshell, if this law was worth the paper it was printed on the Democrats would be rushing to embrace it instead of running away from it.


Of course all the cool signs and the protests outside the court has nothing (and should have nothing) to do with how the court rules. The Justices are paying attention to the arguments and not the protesters and from all of the analysis it appears the government made a very poor case in defense of the law. Ann Althouse has even suggested that due to the unpopularity of the law that might have been deliberate

Although it might help the president in his re-election efforts, I suspect Obamacare off the table would be a bigger help to Mitt Romney than to the administration

Of course all of this is idle speculation. The court will give its decision in due time and until it does all we can do is wait.

While I was in DC I visited Scott Brown office with the group I was with. We met with an aide to the Senator and then ran into Senator Brown himself as he returned from his lunch break walking his dogs.

Harry Truman famously said: If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog. Since on occasion Sen Brown annoys both side of the aisle I guess he needs two of them.

(Oh and it goes without saying that I support him against Former Obama Administration official Elizabeth Warren).

One more DC story? I have a regular feature on my show called the Saturday Diners, while covering protesters in front of the Supreme Court I asked a capital policeman where I could get breakfast and he suggested the Supreme Court’s café. It’s pretty good and likely one of the more reasonable priced meals you will get in DC outside of a McDonalds.

Ok just one more. Scott Brown’s office gave us tickets to the Senate and House Galleries. I didn’t have time to hit the house but attended the senate during a vote. Two things stood out.

The Actual Senate chamber is a lot smaller than it seems on TV.

I watched John Kerry enter the chamber and was amazed to see that he carried himself with the same arrogance among his fellow senators as he does among the voters. I guess that’s just him.


Attended another meet and greet this week for a congressional candidate in Massachusetts, this one in my soon to be 3rd district (I haven’t moved the district lines have) this one for a candidate named Tom Weaver

At that meet and greet the Mayor of Gardner Mass pointed out that under the EPA rules he can drink the water that comes out of his tap, but if he dumps it in the sewer he is committing an environmental violation.

There are a lot of tyrannies in history but one of the most annoying is the tyranny of a bureaucracy.

Both Marco Rubio and the first President George W. Bush have endorsed Mitt this week. As a rule endorsements like these are banked until they can have the greatest possible use. I suspect Mitt intends this to be the Coup de Grase to Rick Santorum, but for me I’m with Santorum as long as he is in it.

You might recall last time I pointed to the primary race in the 4th district between Sean Bielat and Elizabeth Childs to face Joe Kennedy. I’m a big fan of Bielat but even if I wasn’t I would be ethically compelled to support him due to his stance on Abortion vs Childs. Apparently this must be more common than the media would is letting on because Jimmy Carter dropped a bombshell on the subject:

“I’ve signed a public letter calling for the Democratic Party at the next convention to espouse my position on abortion which is to minimize the need, requirement for abortion and limit it only to women whose life are in danger or who are pregnant as a result of rape or incest. I think if the Democratic Party would adopt that policy that would be acceptable to a lot of people who are now estranged from our party because of the abortion issue.”

He is correct about the political reality but what strikes me is this. In the same interview Carter said one of the problems he had when president was having to uphold Roe v. Wade.

Problems? What is the problem? You were the president of the United States and had the bully pulpit. You were willing to stand up and boycott the Moscow Olympics over the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan because it was to you a moral issue, but you were unwilling to stand up and make the moral objection to abortion at a time when it could have made a big difference in the democrat party? There were still prominent pro-life democrats who would have had your back including the speaker of the house Tip O’Neill. It was a question of moral courage vs political courage and moral courage lost but now that you see the political calculation change suddenly the moral argument looks better?

Listen if the Democrats change their position on Abortion I won’t care why, but just remember this business when you hear the “Jimmy Carter the Good” and “Jimmy Carter the religious” stuff.


Oh and if this is the case perhaps Susan Komen fell for a media line when it backed down over abortion. It wouldn’t be the first time the media created a reality that didn’t exist.

Speaking of phony media narratives, remember how the left insisted that Rush was losing advertisers by the bushel and this boycott was going to destroy them. Well after weeks of frantic coverage on the supposed exodus from Rush the Washington Post wrote a story bowing to reality:

Carusone said most of the advertiser exodus over the past month appeared to be among companies whose ads aired only in regional or local markets, he said. “Fewer than five” nationwide sponsors of the program actually pulled out, he said…

Fewer than five and two of those five tried to come back and were rejected.. Even more interesting is that once this story came out and was quoted by places like Hotair, the sentence “Fewer than five” disappeared from the original post

Meanwhile Rush’s audience? Up, way up.

Bottom line from Legal Insurrection:

The biggest damage has been to Media Matters, which put its reputation for intimidating advertisers on the line, and failed.

Media Matters wasn’t defeated by Limbaugh. Media Matters was defeated by tens of thousands of conservatives who recognized that this was not about Limbaugh or what Limbaugh said.

Pitty the poor fools like Kohler who fell for the Media Matters line.

Finally a quick word about the business between Stacy McCain and Tabitha Hale, they are both my friends and I find myself in the position of El Cid in the 1961 movie:

El Cid: I swore allegiance to Sancho.

Princess Dona Urraca: And to Alfonso. And to me!

El Cid: I can only help one brother by breaking faith with the other. – I can help no one.

Princess Dona Urraca: But Sancho would kill Alfonso.

El Cid: Whatever happens… must happen without me.

I have one piece of advice for both of my friends and it comes from scripture:

Pride goes before disaster, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Proverbs 16:18

Remember there is a reason why Pride is first on the deadly sin list.

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