Freedom of Religion, Contraceptives and the Catholic Church Oh My

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While everyone is fighting over the words of Rush Limbaugh and who said what about females on both sides of the aisle, we are missing the big picture of what this battle is all about.   This is a battle of Freedom of Religion and the right of Religious institutions to follow the tenets of their faith and not to have the Government infringe on those rights.

Many do not know that before the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the Unites States of America, the various states had their state sponsored religions.  And in the very beginning you could be thrown in jail if you do not attend Mass  or the Religious services of that state.  Catholics and Jews were discriminated and eventually found Maryland and Rhode Island where they could freely follow their own religions.  This is a gloss over of most of the history, but the thing is that before the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we did not have Freedom of Religion in America.  This is why the 1st Amendment was added to the Constitution along with others, that was more or less a compromise between the Federalist and Anti-Federalists.

And now we come to the 21st century and the rights that the Founding Fathers had put in place are eroding.   The whole mess and controversy is all about the wrong thing.  This is not about Contraceptives, this is about the Freedom to worship and follow the tenets of the Religion you follow.

This started with a question during the GOP Debate by George Stephanopoulos, where he asked about contraceptives.   And everyone and their brother was asking , “What the Hell does this have to do with the GOP Presidential Race?”   Well, it seems that Stephie had an inside look or knew of the HHS mandate that was coming down the pike.   (Or he can see into the future)

The argument is not about access or contraceptives in themselves.  It is about the Government telling a Religious Institution to go against its teachings.  The Catholic Church does not agree with contraceptive and even more against the “Morning After” pills that the Government is trying to force the Catholics to have in their insurance policies.  This goes against the Freedom of Religion in this country and should scare to death out of everyone, even those that are not religious.

Now we come to the Fluke/Rush debacle.  I do not think that the words Rush used were the best and he could have said it differently.  But in essence, he is correct.  Forcing a Religious institution to have Contraceptives and morning after pills is wrong.    Fluke did not help her cause by making ridiculous statement about the cost of contraceptives.  $3000   Really.   Yes, we know that birth control pills are not only used to stop pregnancies, but they are not anywhere near the cost shes says.   And in most cases an insurance company would pay for birth controls pills if it was medically necessary.

But this is all of the track of what is really at stake here.   This is about the Government telling a Private Religious Institution to pay for something that goes against the Catholic teachings.   This is nothing new for the Catholic Church, it has been pro-life since it inception.  One of the reasons the Romans found Catholics weird was that they valued all life and did not discard the deformed or imperfect babies.   Catholics had to worship in catacombs or risk being fed to the lions , and have done so for a millenia.

Obama and the Progressives are trying to change the way the Government interprets what is religious and what is not.  They are saying that while attending Mass or Synagogue is religious, but the institutions that are not part of the services are not religious.  This goes against thousands of years of history.  This is an affront to religion in general and I think liberties for all.  Even the non religious among us.  As we have seen the Government is telling private companies where they can and cannot build a plant (Boeing) and force companies to buy health care (Obamacare).

We are loosing our country to tyranny and the nanny state.  Our country was never meant to have a Federal Government tell us what we can eat, drive, what light bulb we can use and force Religious Institutions to go against their religious teachings.    Wake up people.  This is more than just Obama or this year’s elections.  Our beloved country is loosing its way and we need to get it back on the path towards personal responsibility and a limited government.

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