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Massachusetts Senate Race: Liz Warren Goes Glam



Today’s cover story in the Boston Herald couldn’t better highlight the contrast between the hard-working Brown and his ultra-liberal opponent Elizabeth Warren, who just yesterday the Hollywood Reporter deemed Hollywood’s new “It Girl” while her fundraising invitation makes clear she never got the memo that this is the “People’s Seat” and not the “Kennedy Seat.”   


 What Democrats’ in Hollywood are reading today — Elizabeth Warren, Democratic Hollywood’s “it girl” in this election cycle, will be back in town Thursday, Mar. 1 for a fundraiser at the Santa Monica home of entertainment industry lawyer Skip Brittenham and his wife, actress and author Heather Thomas.  Warren is campaigning to unseat incumbent Republican Sen. Scott Brown in Massachusetts and — as the fundraiser’s invitation says– “recapture Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat” for the Democrats…. Some of the Hollywood people who already donated to her campaign include Barbra Streisand, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Hans Zimmer and Norman Lear.


 What Voters in South Boston are reading today — Harvard Law professor, Senate hopeful and Hollywood toast-of-the-town Elizabeth Warren is set to head west next week for a Santa Monica campaign cash-grab hosted by a top Tinseltown lawyer — and right on cue, U.S. Sen. Scott Brown’s camp is saying Warren’s humble Oklahoma roots and populist sheen are nothing more than an Academy Award-worthy act.  “Professor Warren’s claims to be a champion of the middle-class ring hollow every time she jets off to California to clink champagne glasses with Hollywood elites,” Brown’s campaign said in a statement last night. “She should get an Oscar for ‘Biggest Hypocrite In A Political Campaign.’”…. Warren’s glam gala could undermine the image she’s pushing as a humble Dust Bowl-bred crusader for the hard-pressed middle class, according to D.C. Republican strategist John Feehery.  “Scott Brown, whether you love him or hate him, is a working-class guy. A working-class stiff. Elizabeth Warren is beloved, a cult hero, of the liberal elite. And that’s reflected in this Hollywood fundraiser,” he said.

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