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Obama’s new Plan is A Big, Big Mess



The Reviews Are In: President’s Latest Plan Is ‘About The Next Election,’ He ‘Has Given Up The Chance Now To Lead Effectively’


‘$1.5 Trillion In Tax Increases’ ‘Not A New Idea,’ ‘The Word Malaise Has A Lot Of Application Here’


NEWSWEEK’s JON MEACHAM: “I think there is a key word, with apologies to Mika [Brzezinski], I think the word malaise has a lot of application here.” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 9/19/11)


  • MEACHAM: “I just think it’s a big, big mess and the President has given up the chance now to lead effectively on this stuff…” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 9/19/11)


THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: “Mr. Obama’s plan, which will be offered to the lawmakers charged with negotiating a deal by Nov. 23, will include $1.5 trillion in tax increases…” (“New Obama Deficit Plan,” The Wall Street Journal, 9/19/11)



ABC NEWS’ JONATHAN KARL: “It’s not new, by the way, he proposed a millionaires tax to finance healthcare and it went nowhere. This is not a new idea.” (ABC’s This Week, 9/18/11)


  • KARL: “The toughest critics of President Obama right now are Democrats in the Senate and in the House. He has completely lost the support up there. They think he doesn’t know what he is doing.” (ABC’s This Week, 9/18/11)


MSNBC’s JOE SCARBOROUGH: “…when this President said in 2004, Mark Halperin, ‘I’m LeBron baby’, he meant it. He’s disappeared in critical times and just like LeBron in the finals.” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 9/19/11)


‘A Blueprint For Shoring Up His Restless Democratic Base’


POLITICO: “Suffering an erosion of support from the broad coalition that elected him, Obama has crafted a plan that reads more like a blueprint for shoring up his restless Democratic base than a vehicle for reaching across the aisle in search of bipartisan compromise.” (“Obama To Unveil $3T Deficit Plan,” Politico, 9/18/11)


MSNBC’s MIKA BRZEZINSKI: “I think this is about the next election. Someone is going to have to explain to me why it’s not.” (MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 9/19/11)


THE NEW YORK TIMES: “The Obama proposal has little chance of becoming law unless Republican lawmakers bend. But by focusing on the wealthiest Americans, the president is sharpening the contrast between Republicans and Democrats with a theme he can carry into his bid for re-election in 2012.” (“Obama Plan To Cut Deficit Will Trim Spending By $3 Trillion,” The New York Times, 9/18/11)


THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: “It also comes amid a clamor in his own Democratic Party for Obama to take a tougher stance against Republicans. And while the plan stands little chance of passing Congress, its populist pitch is one that the White House believes the public can support.” (“Obama To Propose $1.5 Trillion In New Tax Revenue,” The Associated Press, 9/19/11)


THE WASHINGTON POST: “Obama’s position will probably delight Democrats, who have fretted for months that he is doing too little to solve the nation’s jobs crisis while being too willing to embrace major changes to Medicare and Social Security. But his plan has little chance of passing and is already inflaming Republicans … Last week, Obama told supporters at a fundraiser in Washington that the upcoming debate will crystallize the difference between his views and the GOP’s.” (“Obama’s Debt-Reduction Plan: $3 Trillion In Savings, Half From New Tax Revenue,” The Washington Post, 9/18/11)

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