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Janeane Garofalo: Herman Cain Has Stockholm Syndrome and is Being Paid To Run for President



Janeane Garofalo

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What a pathetically small minded wretch of a human being this Janeane Garofalo is. Last night, on failed MSNBC talk host Keith Olbermann’s new Current TV show  (a network with less viewers than MSNBC), Janeane Garofalo said Herman Cain must be getting paid to run, has Stockholm Syndrome and that the Tea Party and Conservative movement is racist. Video at this link:

“[He’s] in this presidential race because he deflects the racism that is inherent in the Republican party, the conservative movement, the Tea Party certainly. [In] the last 30 years the Republican party has been moving more and more to the right, but also race-baiting more. Gay-baiting more. Religion-baiting more,” Garofalo said.

“But, Herman Cain, I feel like, is being paid by somebody to be involved and to run for president so that you go like ‘I love that, that can’t be racist. He’s a black guy, a black guy asking for Obama being impeached.’ Or ‘it’s a black guy whose anti-Muslim. It’s a black guy who is a Tea Party guy.’

Garofalo also had some conspiracy theories as to who may be putting Cain up to this.

“And I feel like wouldn’t that suit the purposes of whomever astroturfs these things. Whether that be the Koch brothers or Grover Norquist or any anything. It could even be Karl Rove. ‘Let’s get Herman Cain involved so it deflects the obvious racism of our Republican party,'” Garofalo said.

Janeane Garofalo and those who continually disparage black libertarians and conservatives are the true racists! You see to a Liberal Democrat it inconceivable that any “person of color” (using her PC vernacular) could have a mind of their own or think for themselves… they have worked very hard scrub clean sins of past (remember throughout history the Democrat Party has been on the wrong side of slavery) and keep blacks in their place with entitlement handouts designed to pacify, like an infant, and keep them on the Democrat plantation as not to lose their monolithic voting block.

Question, how can a movement that advocates small government, low taxes, and demanding that America enforce it’s laws be racist?

Furthermore her completely ludicrous remarks about Herman Cain remind us why Liberalism is a an abject failure.

Garofalo and her ilk cling to a philosophy that has failed every time it’s been tried throughout history with such a death-grip that it’s caused them to create a theoretical utopian reality in their minds… the ultimate group-think were conspiracy runs wild and their grip on reality skews. They continually prove Einstein’s definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result) and Garofalo’s apparent paranoid schizophrenic conspiracy theories further the idea that Liberalism is a mental disorder.

For Janeane Garofalo all that’s left for her is our pity… I hope she find the help she needs!!!

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