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Last week, I wrote on John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor Mike Isaacson, who was dumb enough to post multiple tweets justifying Antifa violence. This brain actually teaches courses to cops and pulled this. The backlash was severe and he was placed on administrative leave on Septemter 15th, but has not been terminated from his job. Maybe this will do the trick. He even had the nerve to appear on Tucker Carlson’s show, where he was eviscerated. Good times. It would seem that Isaacson had a history of violent tweets, many of which he deleted. But as we all know, the Internet is forever. Sucks to be him.

Far Left Watch alerted The Daily Caller to a whole bunch of tweets by Isaacson and they are damning. They don’t just call for anarchy and Antifa protests, they call for the killing of police officers and the burning down of police stations. In a tweet that is dated August 30th, Isaacson wrote “Off the pigs” in a response to a Huffington Post article that claimed that police officers allowed white supremacists to “terrorize” Charlottesville, Virginia.

In another tweet that is dated August 18th, Isaacson advocated burning down police stations “with an accelerant.” He wrote that piece of brilliance in response to a post about Texas police who were cleared of wrongdoing for performing a cavity search on a female suspect. Then there are the tweets he didn’t bother to delete. A series of those throughout 2017 contain one-off comments about dead police and service members, including a suggestion about “killing superior officers” in the military to “stop war.” Nice. This guy should be locked up.

A YouTuber named Laci Green tweeted about the Women’s March and their decision to choose a convicted cop killer, Assata Shakur, as a leader of their movement. Isaacson responded in a tweet, “Dead cops are good, Laci.” That pretty much says it all right there. How the hell did this guy ever get a job at that college to begin with? SMH. You would think he would have been vetted a little better than this. The Daily Caller did their work for them and the results are horrifying. In another tweet, Isaacson remarked, “I hope somehow Assata comes up in lecture so a student defends her saying she didn’t kill a cop so I can say she probably did and it’s good.”

Isaacson has a real crush on Shakur, just like most of the left and Antifa do. They are communists and they admire violence and revolution. Shakur was a member of the Black Liberation Army who was convicted in 1977 for first-degree murder in the shooting of State Trooper Werner Foerster. She was given political asylum in communist Cuba. We’ve been trying to get her back ever since to pay for her crimes. And yet, Barack Obama was cool with climbing into bed with the murderous Castro brothers. He didn’t bother asking for this killer back… because he also admires her killing ways.


Remember, this is the guy who said it was “a privilege to teach future dead cops” and envisioned a fantasy scenario in which he confronts one of them before the “blade drops.” He’s a domestic terrorist and should not be teaching in any college or university period. Twitter has still not suspended this guy’s account. Figures. The Far Left Watch organization is lobbying John Jay College to terminate Professor Isaacson. I sure hope they succeed… it should be a no brainer. He’ll eventually wind up in prison where he belongs.




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