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Hoo boy! I’m sure you all have had the misfortune of watching MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell a time or two. Yeah, those are minutes we’ll never get back. He’s an avowed socialist with a deep abiding hatred of President Trump. I’ve always thought he looked like a tightly wound anger-case and he’s proven me right. He constantly looks constipated and about ready to rip someone’s head off at the least excuse. I naturally assumed he abused his crew and any poor soul who was near enough to get nailed. Mediaite provided proof in the form of a video. Per Aidan McLaughlin at Mediaite:

Lawrence O’Donnell had a really bad night on August 29, 2017.

We draw that conclusion based on the… clip obtained by Mediaite, showing behind the scenes footage of a furious O’Donnell absolutely going bananas in what appear to be breaks in his show.

Talk about touchy AND profane. Geez. The video is eight minutes of an adult temper tantrum. This is a guy who thinks he’s surrounded by morons and loves telling them so. He’s abusive and just mean. All it takes is one staffer who has had enough of this crap and you get taped and leaked. Then you go viral. Of course, the left loves leakers… except when they are the subject of the leak. Hypocrites. I’m betting that O’Donnell fired someone over this just because he was in a crappy mood. He eventually apologize via Twitter… not buying it. Not in the least.

It couldn’t happen to a more verbally abusive jackass. Just my opinion. His show “The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell” is always a leftist hate-fest. In the video, O’Donnell screams at his staff about a malfunctioning earpiece and hammering noises coming from outside the control room. He says someone in the control room is out of control… that and cursing and pounding his fists like a two year-old on the desk. It’s actually quite funny.

“Stop the hammering! Stop the hammering out there!” O’Donnell shouts to his crew. “Who’s got a hammer? Where is it? Where’s the hammer? Go up on the other floor! Somebody go up there and stop the hammering! Stop the hammering! I’ll go down to the g-ddamned floor myself and stop it!” He then demanded that the crew call MSNBC president Phil Griffin to get the noise stopped. Right, like that would help at all. It also appeared that the hammering noise was coming from a different floor. But O’Donnell didn’t give a rip… he was on a tear. “Call f-cking Phil Griffin! I don’t care who you have to call!” O’Donnell yells. “Stop the hammering! Empty out the g-ddamned control room and find out where this is going on!”

My, my… someone forgot to take his meds I’m guessing. He scared the crap out of a young female staff member who gave him some papers for his show. He then tore up a piece of paper while launching into a self-pitying rant – it was epic. “It just f—ing sucks!” he yelled, without regard for how his tantrum was affecting his staffers. “It f-cking sucks to be out here with this out-of-control sh-t.” This is a guy who accuses Trump of being a bully and a tyrant… Trump isn’t, but O’Donnell certainly is.


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