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When are the NFL players going to learn? Do they really think Americans are going to continue to watch the game if they continue these antics? Arent’ the NFL ratings down enough? Don’t they get that if they don’t fill the seats in the stadium or don’t get as many people watching the game that their salaries WILL be affected?


On Sunday, Seattle Seahawks player Michael Bennett celebrated a sack with the “black power” salute on the field. The NFL isn’t going to like what fans have to say about this.

All Black Media posted the photo on Twitter with the caption pointing out the symbolism of the motion.

This isn’t the first time Bennett has made controversial claims while employed by the NFL.

In late August, he accused police officers of racially profiling him and using excessive force against him while he was in Las Vegas for the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight.

The officers had a different story, accusing him of hiding behind a gaming machine at Drai’s Nightclub after they had received a call about a possible active shooter in the area. After spotting Bennett, police claim that he beat a path toward the south exit doors, jumped over a fence to escape and ram into traffic.

His stupid behavior was why he was arrested, not the color of his skin. Hard to convince a person who sees racial motivation behind  everything, but that’s the way it is in America today.

The National Football League is facing waning support and ratings, and the last thing they need is for their players to continue to alienate more viewers. They are either need to take stiffer actions against people for engaging in this kind of behavior, or they are going to resign themselves to their fate.

What NFL players like Bennett don’t get yet is the fact that they are paid to play football, NOT politicize our games or entertainment.

His job is to entertain us not polarize us.  What this overpaid moron doesn’t get is that he is AT WORK. While most people are ON THE JOB, they do not mix politics with THEIR JOBS. NFL football is no different.

Of course, you can understand NFL Seattle Seahawks player Michael Bennett and his outbursts if you know who is brother is. Michael Bennett’s brother is Reshaud Bennett, a strong activist and leader for BLM in Seattle.

Reshaud Bennett, former Seattle mayoral candidate and social justice activist Nikkita Oliver, and Katrina Johnson, a cousin of Charleena Lyles, all spoke at a Black Lives Matter rally that was organized by the Seattle NAACP and began Sunday morning outside Union Station before the Seahawks’ home opener against San Francisco.

No surprise there!

But sadly, like Kaepernick last season, Michael Bennett has decided to sit through the National Anthem before Seahawks games this season as a statement of support for black rights, among other issues.

After the game, Michael Bennett said it meant “everything” to have his brother and others supporting him.

“It’s good to always have your family support you and also to have a lot of people in the city support me, it’s just a really good thing,” Michael Bennett said.

Nice to know you are supported by family and the BLM, but do you think they are the only one’s who pay you to do a job? Are they the only ones watching you play NFL football? Dude, wake up! It’s all the viewers and ticketholders who pay your salary! If you want to polarize those folks…it’s your choice, but don’t complain to us when you see your salary cut. Whatever the consequences…NFL ratings will drop and those stands will become more vacant if your stupid antics continue.

H/T Right Wing News

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