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Seattle Seahawks Player Celebrates Sack With ‘Black Power’ Salute During Game- ON FIELD!



With ESPN ratings and the career of Kaepernick both fading into a deep dark hole of no return, you would think that NFL football players were learn enough that politics does not belong on the playing field…but nope. They’re aren’t that smart, and we aren’t that lucky. They continue to make controversial political statement on the field as if they owned the place and had the right to ruin it if their feelings are hurt. Idiots.

Now, let me tell you what’s happened…

Seattle Seahawk player, Michael Bennett took it upon himself to celebrate a sack with a big fat “black power” salute right there on the field. Obviously, fans are NOT going sit down for this one…many are ticked.

And…they plan to respond as such. Care to join them?

As you might already know, this is not Bennett’s first rodeo in the limelight of douchebaggeyness <—not a word, using it anyway. He has by far already had his share of controversial statements during his employment with the NFL. Just this past August he accused police officers of racially profiling him while he was in Las Vegas for the Maywhether/McGregor fight. Of course, his story is different from the one the police officers remember happening. They said he was literally hiding behind a gaming machine at a nightclub right after they had received a call about a possible shooter in the area. When they saw him, they claim that he took off toward the exit doors and even jumped over a fence to escape…. running directly into traffic.

It was not his race…but his suspicious behavior that got him arrested that night. Anyone would think he had just killed a guy the way he had reacted…or at least done something really bad. Why hide? Why run? Why be so desperate to get away that you run directly into traffic??? Dummy.

But of course, he wants to make it look like he was racially profiled and handled roughly by police because….he looks likes an idiot otherwise.

Look, if you’re an athlete, and get paid to do what you love…

How about you show some gratitude, and just do what you’re paid to do. Keep politics off the field, and the color of your skin on your skin and out of your mouth, because quite frankly man….anyone who counts, doesn’t care about what color your skin is, they only care about your football skill and how you perform on the field. Throwing up the ‘black power’ sign is you throwing up fighting words to an already divided America. Divided because scumbags like you are too selfish, and full of hatred to see the destruction you are creating over the color of skin. Stop being so racist. Start playing some football.