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This week students across the country will head to to their respective campuses and start their college years.  This is a time met with anticipation and excitement.  At the same time, in doing so, their debt clocks will start ticking, loudly.

The average college graduate these days owes over $37,000 in student loans!  Depending on the college they choose, they could be looking at much more.  If you are shelling out that kind of money, you better be sure of what you are buying.

student debt

Many people will be paying their student loan debt off for decades.  So it better be worth it and they better have picked a solid major.  Unfortunately for many, they choose what they find interesting instead of what will eventually pay the bills.  I personally know many college graduates working jobs that have nothing to do with their majors.  I guess the philosophy PhD that delivers pizzas might use his “skills” to determine how one might choose their toppings.  Deep stuff.

This student went to college and instead of becoming a liberal snowflake, became what she calls “a cranky conservative.”  Watch this short video and see how her transformation happened; it is eye opening. (the transcript is included below as well)

H/T Prager University


“Have you ever heard the old saying that a conservative is just a liberal who got mugged?

Well, I got mugged – to the tune of $60,000 a year. It’s called “tuition.”

Like everyone who cons themselves into attending a liberal arts college, I was captivated by the idea of changing the world. I would immerse myself in a diverse pool of academic thought, theory, and action.

Well…it didn’t quite work out that way.  Over the course of four years, I was transformed from a plucky, free-thinking free spirit into a cranky, get-off-my-lawn conservative.

The process started not long after I arrived at my elite East Coast school. I thought I was there to expand my knowledge of the world; to debate the great ideas. I soon realized, however, that my professors had something else in mind.

Invariably each class followed the same monotonous ritual: identify a problem – say, racism; blow it up beyond all proportion; blame the problem on the white majority culture; and then offer an unworkable solution – usually involving the government.

Everywhere I turned, I saw political correctness. At first, I just rolled with it. Then, I got annoyed. Then, it started to tick me off.  I was being brainwashed.  Indoctrinated.  And I was paying for the privilege – with borrowed money!

Almost every speaker who came to campus was a leftist journalist, a leftist activist, or a leftist professor from another leftist school.  The ones who weren’t leftists were just weird. One time, I attended a film lecture given by a very skilled paraplegic adult film star who showed us some of her “art.” Another time, I went to a performance given by a woman who engaged in auto-eroticism behind a curtain.

I couldn’t deal with it – the PC culture, the mono thinking, the weirdness.  I needed some way to cope. So, I got high – almost every day.

Parenthetically, most of the worst stoners I knew are now working in finance or politics. In fact, this is what made me first realize that I was a fan of limited government. I do not trust these goofs to make policy. Their power must be constrained.

This brings me to another black hole in the college experience: useless majors – the only thing more pervasive than marijuana and irresponsible future leaders. I’m not being judgmental here: I have a degree in film and media studies and political science. Why did I choose them? Because they’re subjects I like talking about. Practical, right?

But I was not alone. Most of my peers also chose to spend their student loan money on subjects better learned on YouTube or Turner Classic Movies.

By the time graduation approached, none of us had developed any actual job skills.

And people want to raise taxes to pay for free college for everyone? Are you kidding me? No. Just…no. I’d only give a free education to a smart kid who promised to get a degree in whatever the exact opposite of my degree is.  And that degree didn’t come cheap.

I took on tens of thousands of dollars of debt, but never spent a minute learning how to manage it. No such classes were offered. I might have actually learned something useful if they had been.  I didn’t learn about taxes either, other than that the rich didn’t pay their “fair share.”

It was only after college, when I was lucky enough to get my first job, that I discovered the truth: the government takes away a lot of your money. Frankly, it’s shocking. And that’s not even counting the mandatory $400 a month deduction for my student loans. I’ll be probably have that albatross around my neck for the rest of my life.

Really, I can’t believe my peers and I spent so much time shaming conservatives for wanting to lower taxes.  A past version of myself would call this desire to keep what I earn “selfish.” The current, cheerfully realistic version of me knows this: I can spend my money much better than the politically-correct stoners who are running the government can.

So, I guess – in a roundabout way – I did get something of value out of my expensive liberal arts education after all:  Common sense.

I’m Jay Stephens for Prager University.”

If you are a parent with a child ready to explore colleges, you should really take a hard look at this fact:  liberal professors outnumber conservative professors by 12 to 1.  Some departments, like history, are even worse.

As a college student, I thought I knew everything.  Now, as a parent, I can see that my 18-year-old self was still figuring the world out.  I distinctly remember the looks on my conservative parents’ faces when I questioned them about something my world history professor said, which was basically ‘Christ was a fraud’.  Sorry Mom and Dad!

Many students go to college and think of their professors as celebrities.  They believe what they have to say and are not at all comfortable questioning what they are told.  Professors are in powerful positions.

In high school, teachers aren’t supposed to indoctrinate and give their opinions (though many do, trust me, I used to teach at one).  But in college, the culture is different and professors are free to opine on whatever they choose, and they take full advantage of their captive audiences.

That said, there are colleges out there that are more friendly to conservative viewpoints.  Additionally, some conservative students have their heads on straight and can actually make a difference on a liberal campus.  I think being aware of the blatant liberal bias of professors and campus officials can at least give students an idea what they are up against.  Parents need to prepare their students for this challenge.  Otherwise, you may get a snowflake home for Christmas.


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Watch: 8 Yr-Old Football Players Kneel During National Anthem



Every player on the Cahokia Quarterback Club football team (8 and under) took a knee during the National Anthem before their game on Sunday. Shame on these coaches. I’d have my child out of there so damned fast, their heads would twist off. This happened in Belleville, Illinois. Gee, I’m so shocked… not. “One of the kids asked me, did I see them protesting and rioting in St. Louis,” Orlando Gooden, coach of the Cahokia Quarterback Club, told the media. “I said, ‘Yes … do you know why they are doing it?’” A player answered, “Because black people are getting killed, and nobody’s going to jail,” Gooden related to the media.

They are indoctrinating these little kids into militant racism and cop hatred. It’s reprehensible. Gooden is a former University of Missouri football player. He taught these little kids about a white former St. Louis police officer who was acquitted of murder Friday in a 2011 fatal shooting of a black man after a car chase. Cahokia is a just handful of minutes south of St. Louis and across the Mississippi River. “I felt like it was a good teaching moment for me to circle the team up and have a brief meeting,” Gooden said, adding that he explained why former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick began kneeling during “The Star-Spangled Banner” last season.

Where are the parents on this? Are they all cool with their boys becoming mini-Kaepernicks? “One of the kids asked, ‘Can we do that?’ Those were his words,” Gooden said. Like any of us believe these coaches didn’t manipulate these kids. “And I said, ‘As long as we know why we’re doing it, I don’t have a problem with kneeling.’” All 25 of the players took a knee during the National Anthem on Little Devil’s Field. This is totally improvised by these coaches who are Black Lives Matter militants.

They knelt with their freaking backs to the flag in a stance of disdain for their country. Gooden claimed that wasn’t on purpose. Right. I don’t believe him. He’s teaching these boys to hate America, police and the military. He has them embracing racism instead and he’s implanting hatred in their hearts and minds. “What I teach my kids is love, integrity, honesty, fairness, respect … boundaries,” he told KTVI. Bull crap. He’s doing just the opposite.

Here’s the kicker… all the parents of these children supported them taking a knee. ALL OF THEM. However, Gooden’s Facebook page got slammed just as it should be. He doesn’t care though. “As long as I have support of my parents and team, I’m perfectly fine,” the coach told KTVI, “and I’m covered under the First Amendment to peacefully protest and assemble.” I consider this outright child abuse. Gooden also told the station that he doesn’t see a need for his players to continue kneeling before games — that it was done once and a lesson resulted. Coward. He won’t even repeat his actions because he knows how evil they are. I’m disgusted by this. Little freaking kids for crap’s sake. SMH.

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Sheriff Boldly Calls Out Media, Not Guns, for Spokane School Shooting



Last week, a disturbed student at Freeman High School in Spokane, Washington, opened fire and killed one student and injured three more. Every time this happens (which is way too often) there is a rush by the left to blame the guns. The problem, of course, is that guns don’t walk into schools and kill students.

Perhaps it is time we look more at why a student would even consider resorting to this kind of violence. What is it about our society today that makes this not only possible, but enabled?


Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich explains plainly, yet brilliantly, where the blame lies. In a press conference last week Sheriff Knezovich placed blame not on the guns, which he pointed out were very commonplace on school grounds 35 years ago, but on parents, media, video games and a society that “says it’s ok.”

The entire press conference can be seen here.


“Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich spoke out last week about the fatal shooting at Freeman High School in rural Washington state, saying that he believed the media and society in general were partially to blame for the attack rather than the guns used by the shooter.

“I carried a gun all my life,” Knezovich said at a Thursday press conference. “I hunted. I shot. My friends and I — it’s hunting season back home. When I was in high school, every one of those rigs in the high school parking lot had a gun in the gun rack. Why? We went hunting on the way home.”

“None of those guns ever walked into a school,” the sheriff continued. “None of those guns ever shot anybody. What’s the difference? Did the gun change? Or did you as a society change?

“Now, I’ll give you odds that it was you as a society, because you started glorifying cultures of violence. You’ve glorified the gang culture, you’ve glorified games that actually give you points for raping and killing people. Gun didn’t change. We changed.”

Knezovich didn’t stop there and said the media was also partially responsible for creating a culture that turns school shootings into big headlines, including the attack last week in which a 15-year-suspect suspect fatally shot one person and injured three others.

“This young gentleman got sucked into a counter-culture of violence, a culture that is enamored with school shooting,” he said. “And media, you are to blame for that, cause you keep giving these people headlines.”

“In using their names, you have made them heroes to some people. If I had my way, none of these peoples’ names would ever be remembered,” he added. “Until we start treating these people for what they are, killers, not heroes, they’re going to continue this violence.”

The sheriff also honored a teenage student, Sam Strahan, who died trying to stop the suspect during the attack, and spoke of the janitor who confronted the suspect and ultimately stopped him.

Knezovich added that he thought Congress and other elected officials should do more to help the mentally ill in the country by providing more funding to the mental health system.

The 15-year-old suspect has been charged with one count of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder and is currently being held without bond at the Spokane County Juvenile Detention Center, according to an SCSO statement.”

Sheriff Knezovich also told a story of an officer with 15 years of service who recently left the profession because he just couldn’t take it anymore. He then made an excellent point saying “when we start giving up, you’re in trouble.”

That is a very scary thought. At some point, will those who protect us give up and leave people to fend for themselves? I certainly couldn’t handle the job. I’m grateful there are still people willing to serve in an increasingly thankless and violent position, but I can see a time coming where people think it isn’t worth the risk. Where will we be then?

We need society to make a radical change. Taking away guns from law abiding people will never solve anything. Sheriff Knezovich believes we need to teach students some of that “old school stuff, love one another.” I couldn’t agree more, I just hope it’s not too late to turn this culture of violence around.

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