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The Mockery to Us All



I have come to the conclusion that these debates, on both sides of the aisle, are a waste of time. There is no journalistic integrity left by any network, whether it is Fox, CNBC, or any other cable or major network.

I think it is time for the RNC to cancel all these network-controlled debates and instead put together a balanced panel of real journalists. Then put it on a neutral site like C-SPAN. If the powers who run the networks don’t like it, tough $#!+. Same with the Democrat debates. In that way, softball questions will not be lobbed to Hillary or Bernie Sanders, nor will any alleged “journalist” be able or more importantly, be ALLOWED to spin an agenda for or against the candidates.

Last night, the panelists of CNBC tried so hard to make all the candidates look like buffoons. Instead, Senators Cruz and Rubio, and to a lesser extent, Dr Carson and others had to continually debate the “moderators” rather than each other, as they fended off questions challenging their integrity.

You know what? I am tired of party hacks on both sides pretending to be journalists. They are truly ruining a once-honorable profession. They are all whores to their bosses who have, themselves, ingrained themselves and sucked up to the power teat party agendas.


In 2006, the late, great Robin Williams starred in movie called Man of the Year, a political movie which smacked both major parties for their hypocrisy and do-nothingness. There was this scene where Tom Dobbs, Robin’s character, was invited to the final debate because he was running so strong as an unaffiliated independent, the “Debate Commission” had no choice but to invite him.

He finally was fed up with the “bob-and-weave” answers by both candidates evading and avoiding to answer moderator Faith Daniels’ questions, running, instead, through their talking points and she allowing this to happen. He went on a tear, smacking both candidates for their hypocrisies and evasion. She said to him that he “was making a mockery of this process,” to which he replied that “it was a mockery long before I got here.”

No matter, my friends, which side your leanings might be, if you are a fair-minded individual, you need to see that the current debate system is not fair. No Democrat candidate will ever be seen on Fox, because the DNC recognizes that Fox would tear into its candidates, unfairly, much like CNBC tried to tear, last night, into the Republican candidates.

It truly is ironic how art imitates life, and life imitates art. Maybe it is because one is real and one is surreal. But which is what? Or is it, what is which?

Either way, to paraphrase Tom Dobbs aka Robin Williams, it was a mockery before I wrote this. And, that, sadly, makes it the mockery to us all.



What Happened When Black Lives Matter Showed Up At Pro-Trump Rally Is MAGA!



This folks…is amazing and exactly what we need MORE OF right now. Yes, more of this…less bloodshed and pink vagina hats. Man…so much hatred right? Well look what has happened now… a Black Lives Matter group showed up at a Pro-Trump rally in Washington D.C. and what happened next is going to shock you. But, in a good way…promise.

Of course as they were approaching there were sounds of sneers and boos and yes, inappropriate yelling and name calling. BUT… it wasn’t too long before one of the Pro-Trumpers decided to show his patriotism in the right way. He decided he was going to give BLM the mic to practice their First Amendment right.

What happened next…is beautiful.

“I’m going to let Black Lives Matter come up here while I show them what patriotism is all about, all right?” the Trump organizer said over the loudspeakers.

Another Trump leader added:

Another speaker, who handed the microphone over to the group’s leader, said, “[This rally is] about freedom of speech. It’s about celebration. So what we are gonna do is not something you’re used to, and we’re going to give you two minutes of our platform to put your message out.”

“Now, whether [the crowd disagrees or agrees] with your message is irrelevant — it’s the fact that you have the right to have the message,” he said.

So as the pro-Trump crowd moaned about it, the BLM leader still took the state and spoke to the crowd.

“I am an American,” the Black Lives Matter group leader said. “And the beauty of America is that when you see something broke in your country, you can mobilize to fix it.”

He continued, “So you ask why there’s a ‘Black Lives Matter?’ Because you can watch a black man die and be choked to death on television, and nothing happened. We need to address that.”

The man’s comments seemed to turn the crowd against him, and cries of “No!” and protests to have the group removed from the stage began to ramp up.

The BLM leader went on to insist that they are not “anti-cop.” This the pro-Trumpers did not believe. But he went on to insist they are only “anti-bad cop.”

This turned the crowd of pro-Trumpers to his side. The BLM leader wrapped up stirring the crowd saying:

“We want our God-given right to freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!” the group’s leader shouted, and the crowd began to applaud and cheer once more.

The BLM leader added, “All lives matter, right? … If we really want to make America great, we do it together.”

At this point the crowd went wild… they applauded the group leader’s word and even began to chant “USA! USA!” It was like nothing you’ve seen during or post-Obama’s America, and something we need to start seeing more of if we are going to make ANYTHING greater.

Later after some thought the BLM leader who spoke shared that he felt the two sides came to understand each other better at that meeting than anything they had ever been a part of before. He also surprisingly said that he himself has come to an understanding that both side are filled with true Americans, and both sides want many of the same things after all. Folks, this is what understanding looks like. Only possible when you respect the First Amendment and allow space without hate for people to share their thoughts.

Now if it were a White Supremacist up there…that’s different. There is no room for that kind of thinking BUT they still have the right to speak.. it’s just, we don’t have to listen. There is no better way to fight that kind of hatred than ignoring it. When they go to the streets to protest or march…let them march with the crickets while you go and work for progression in your life with family, career, service to others etc… making your life and the world a better place. After a while when people like that see that no one will engage with them…they will start staying home. Or do something stupid, then get arrested for it. All the while…you’re still making life better, without even an ounce of spirit for brain space for them take from you. It’s great really…

Anyway, I digress…

The BLM leader said something I think is pretty amazing:

“We came out, we were gonna chant, we were gonna do a demonstration, but we didn’t have to — we just spoke,” the BLM leader said. “It worked. I’m happy about that.”

This is what will help in MAGA…

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Seattle Seahawks Player Celebrates Sack With ‘Black Power’ Salute During Game- ON FIELD!



With ESPN ratings and the career of Kaepernick both fading into a deep dark hole of no return, you would think that NFL football players were learn enough that politics does not belong on the playing field…but nope. They’re aren’t that smart, and we aren’t that lucky. They continue to make controversial political statement on the field as if they owned the place and had the right to ruin it if their feelings are hurt. Idiots.

Now, let me tell you what’s happened…

Seattle Seahawk player, Michael Bennett took it upon himself to celebrate a sack with a big fat “black power” salute right their on the field. Obviously, fans are NOT going sit down for this one…many are ticked.

And…they plan to respond as such. Care to join them?

As you might already know, this is not Bennett’s first rodeo in the limelight of douchebaggeyness <—not a word, using it anyway. He has by far already had his share of controversial statements during his employment with the NFL. Just this past August he accused police officers of racially profiling him while he was in Las Vegas for the Maywhether/McGregor fight. Of course, his story is different from the one the police officers remember happening. They said he was literally hiding behind a gaming machine at a nightclub right after they had received a call about a possible shooter in the area. When they saw him, they claim that he took off toward the exit doors and even jumped over a fence to escape…. running directly into traffic.

It was not his race…but his suspicious behavior that got him arrested that night. Anyone would think he had just killed a guy the way he had reacted…or at least done something really bad. Why hide? Why run? Why be so desperate to get away that you run directly into traffic??? Dummy.

But of course, he wants to make it look like he was racially profiled and handled roughly by police because….he looks likes an idiot otherwise.

Look, if you're an athlete, and get paid to do what you love…

How about you show some gratitude, and just do what you're paid to do. Keep politics off the field, and the color of your skin on your skin and out of your mouth, because quite frankly man….anyone who counts, doesn't care about what color your skin is, they only care about your football skill and how you perform on the field. Throwing up the 'black power' sign is you throwing up fighting words to an already divided America. Divided because scumbags like you are too selfish, and full of hatred to see the destruction you are creating over the color of skin. Stop being so racist. Start playing some football.

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