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Google’s Android Pay mobile payments service arrives in the US



CNET – The search giant’s revamped mobile payments effort competes with offerings from Apple and Samsung.

For Google, the second crack at mobile payments could be the charm.

Android Pay, the search giant’s latest attempt to spur people into paying for items using their smartphone, launched Thursday, the company said in a blog post. Google struck agreements to get the service into more than 1 million locations in the US through retailers including Macy’s, Whole Foods and Walgreens.

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Illinois Is About To Become The First Failed State!



Illinois is known as the ‘Land of Lincoln,’ but soon it could have one more status. It could soon be known as the ‘First Failed State’ in the United States. Illinois can not continue down the same path of spending and debt that it is on. It’s over $15 billion BEHIND on its state bills….and counting.

Even with a Republican governor, Illinois can not stop the bleeding of debt or of people leaving the state for greener pastures elsewhere. How long will it take for House Speaker Michael Madigan and other Democrats to realize that increasing taxes is NOT the answer. It’s time for REAL change…or sooner rather than later, that’s all the citizens of Illinois will be left with….change.

H/T Zero Hedge:

Over 3,000 millionaires have fled Chicago in recent months.

This is the largest outflow of wealthy people from any US city right now. It’s also one of the largest outflows of wealthy people in the world.

But it’s not just millionaires… Every five minutes someone leaves Illinois.

In a recent poll, 47% of people in Illinois said they want to leave the state. Over the last decade, more than half a million people have done just that.

This is the largest outflow of people from any state in the country.

The people who leave are generally better educated, more skilled, and earn more money than those who stay. Entire towns of affluent Illinois refugees have sprouted up in Florida, Arizona, and other states.

Illinois is bleeding productive people.

This is a major warning sign.

Wealthy people are often the first to leave a bad situation. They have the means to simply get up and go. And when they do, they take their money and their businesses with them.

This hurts the local property market and the rest of the local economy.

Many of Illinois’ millionaires own businesses that employ large numbers of people. As they leave, there are fewer people and businesses left to shoulder the state’s enormous and growing financial burdens.

Many of these people are leaving for one simple reason: rising taxes.

Illinois’ leftist tax-and-spend politicians are continuing to increase all sorts of taxes, which were already high in the first place.

The state just passed a 32% income tax hike.

Rising taxes are pushing more and more productive people to make the chicken run… and at the worst possible moment for the state’s coffers.

Illinois is the most financially distressed state in the US. Every month, it spends $600 million more than it takes in. It’s now $15 billion behind on its bills and counting.


Illinois is about to become America’s first failed state.

Even its governor has described it as a “banana republic.”

Today, Illinois can’t pay contractors to fix the roads. It doesn’t have enough cash to pay lottery winners. (What happened to the money it collected selling lottery tickets?)

The state can’t even afford food for its prisoners.

Here are the sad facts. Illinois has:

  • Nearly $15 billion in overdue bills (including $800 million in interest).
  • A $7 billion budget deficit.
  • And an eye-watering $250 billion bottomless pit of unfunded pension obligations.

For perspective, $250 billion is more than the combined market value of Allstate, Boeing, United Continental, and Caterpillar, four large Illinois companies.

This $250 billion tab is one of the worst public pension crises in the US.

It’s also Illinois’ biggest financial problem.

Illinois’ latest income tax hike will bring in an additional $5 billion in revenue. But that won’t do much for its $250 billion pension shortfall.

No tax hike will ever be enough to put Illinois’ fiscal house in order. But higher taxes will push more productive people out of the state. This will only exacerbate the problem.

Illinois already has the worst credit rating of any US state. It’s just a matter of time before it becomes the first state in US history to receive a “junk” credit rating, which signals a higher risk of default.

In the months ahead, it’s a mathematical certainty that Illinois will default on some of its obligations. That’s bad news for pensioners, state contractors, and pretty much everyone living in the state.

According to a former budget adviser to the governor, soon more than 25 cents of every tax dollar collected will go to retired state employees.

Politicians in Illinois—like a number of other distressed states—have amended their state constitutions to prohibit reducing these pension payments. That means taxpayers are on the hook.

No wonder wealthy people are fleeing this sinking ship.

The problem is Illinois’ leftist politicians don’t understand that taxpayers aren’t their personal milk cows.

The state is not a captive market. Taxpayers can vote with their feet. And they already have… in record numbers. Higher taxes will only accelerate this trend and further bankrupt the state.

Oh, and speaking of taxes….as if taxes weren’t high enough in Cook County,  they just passed the soda tax. Cook County’s penny-per-ounce sweetened beverage tax, went into effect on August 2nd. That’s right! More taxes on top of the already exorbitant taxes!

Now any nonalcoholic beverage that’s either sugar- or artificially sweetened will be taxed, which means fountain drinks as well as bottled and canned beverages. The tax applies to soda and diet soda, ready-to-drink sweetened coffees and teas, sports and energy drinks, and juice products that aren’t 100 percent fruit or vegetable juice, among other beverages.

I guess Illinois just wanted to sweeten the deal before they became the ‘First Failed State’ in America.

Not to mention….most citizens are outraged at Governor Rauner’s decision to make Illinois, a Sanctuary State. SB 31 – making Illinois a sanctuary state in the country, joining Oregon, California, and Connecticut.

Well, at least Illinois will not only have sweeter taxes, it will also be more concerned about protecting criminal illegals than Americans.


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REVEALED: Kellogg’s Foundation Donates Shocking Amount To Soros Pro-Socialist Organizations!



Looks like we have a few more products and companies as conservatives that we need to stay away from, especially since they are donating to socialists like George Soros.

Who would have thought that a major company like Kellogg’s, specifically the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, would be so ‘in bed’ with the left. But they are.


A report just surfaced that shows a downright shocking amount of money that Kelloggs have donated to left-wing, pro-socialist organizations in coordination with the Clintons and anti-American billionaire George Soros. That old spider is right in the middle of all this as he always is. Evidently Kellogg’s has an extensive history of leftism. The foundation is one of the largest left-wing donors in the country.

According to the report, “The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is currently the seventh-largest philanthropy in the U.S. in terms of dollars, according to a 2016 analysis of the foundation. In 2015, the last year for which its IRS filings are available, the foundation distributed nearly 2,000 grants totaling $268,065,253. It ended the year with $448,430,564 in assets.” That’s a far cry from the original mission of the company to provide healthcare, healthy foods and services for children in rural areas of the country.

These days they fund anti-American socialist policies, ideals and organizations. In other words, communists. W.K. Kellogg is probably rolling in his grave as I write this. He abhorred socialism and could not have foreseen that the company he had lovingly built would be used after his passing to combat white privilege, or assist groups like La Raza.

Kellogg died in 1951 and left no solid plan for his foundation to abide by. So, of course leftists seized control. “The direction he gave to guide future trustees,” Wooster wrote, “was to ‘use the money as you please so long as it promotes the health, happiness, and well-being of children.’” Which of course communists always pretend to do and never really carry out. Just the opposite in fact.

Conservative Review’s Michael Volpe had this to say about the foundation: “It supports trendy, left-wing causes that contend America is a hopelessly racist country, along with groups that wage war on the free markets that the great capitalist Kellogg championed while alive. Kellogg would naturally approve of the foundation’s modern-day funding of hospitals, community centers, and children’s welfare organizations. But he never used his foundation to promote his politics which were apparently right of center for his times.”


Among the nefarious ties of the Kellogg’s Foundation include ties to the Clintons and George Soros. They have donated millions to the Mexican nationalist organization, La Raza. This is a revolutionary Marxist group that wants to reclaim the southwestern US for Mexico. They are violent racists. In 2015, the foundation gave $2,400,000 to the National Council of La Raza for “general operating support.”

 Want more? Here you go:
  • $125,000 to El Centro De Igualdad y Derechos (The Center for Equality and Rights) in Albuquerque
  • $400,000 to La Plaza De Encuentro (The Meeting Place) in Albuquerque
  • $25,000 for the Latin American Youth Center in Washington, DC
  • $204,000 National Hispanic Media Coalition
  • $200,000 to George Soros’ far left Open Society Institute

It doesn’t end there either. They gave $930,000 to Black Lives Matter. They have literally donated millions to the Clintons and Soros as well. “The Center for American Progress (CAP) — the left-wing think tank started by Clinton loyalists John Podesta and Harold Ickes — has taken in more than $5 million from Kellogg since 2013,” Capital Research reported.

It’s time for Americans to take action and stop supporting Kellogg’s. The only way to do that is to stop buying their products. If Americans don’t want their money going to George Soros and other socialist organizations, then don’t buy Kellogg’s products.  Stand up and say ‘NO MORE’!


H/T Right Wing News

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