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PayPal now lets you send and receive money through URLs

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Paying people through PayPal just got a bit easier.

The company rolled out another person-to person-payments service Tuesday: PayPal.Me, a barebones payments app that uses a URL to allow people to collect and send money to people they know.

Rather than a standalone app like the PayPal-owned Venmo, PayPal.Me is essentially an extension of PayPal’s existing request money feature. Those who opt in to the feature set up a personalized URL that is linked to their PayPal account. Once set up, anyone who views the link is able to send money through their own PayPal account.

The process of sending and receiving payments are more or less the same as any other PayPal transaction. Users must log in for each transaction and transactions are limited to $10,000 for those that have verified their accounts.   Read More

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