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Senator Harry Reid’s Chinese Connection and over $3 Billion in Green Energy Corruption



Much more here on Senator Harry Reid’s ties to Chinese “Green Energy” interests. This is from last year but facts don’t change except that Senator Harry Reid has probably drafted even more bills to enrich himself and his supporters since November 2013.

This is a long post that is well documented with multiple links. It is well worth reading this entire article and noting the events. Harry Reid has been getting away with corruption for far too long. If you didn’t believe that much of the “green” movement was corrupt before, if you read and think about this article clearly, you will at least start to admit that there is a serious problem. The “green” movement is essentially a racket to pull as many tax dollars out of American big business and Government as possible and put them into the pockets of The Chinese, Liberal Progressive Environmentalist Elitists like Harry Reid, and their supporters.

From The Green Corruption Files:

Two months ago, on the Senate floor, the Majority Leader Harry Reid rambled on suggesting that instead of considering “the latest Republican aim to derail the successful implementation of Obamacare,” the Senate should be addressing things like energy efficiency and “facing the reality of climate change.” This was later posted by the left-wing propaganda machine, Think Progress, which is a blog run by Center for American Progress –– the high-powered organization that has a major footholdinside the Obama administration, and is a driving force inside this clean-energy scheme, which of course, includes pushing a “radical climate agenda.”

Considering that the Affordable Care Act has since turned into a calamity, the Obama administration is now grasping for climate change legacy as his second-term agenda crumbles. However, behind the scenes, and before recent unfavorable events, it was reported that “he [Obama] sees this [climate change] as a necessary part of his legacy.”

This means that while the president released his “Climate Action Plan” in June 2013, the push to spend billions more of taxpayer money in order to save the planet will continue to spew out of the White House, coupled with various executive actions, extreme measures, and further expansion of our federal government’s control over our lives. What most Americans don’t know is that a March 2012 report by the Brookings Institute, places the Obama administrations’ “total government spending (both stimulus and non-stimulus) on green initiatives at $150 billion through 2014.” And what did we, the taxpayer, get out of the deal? Billions wasted, increased debt, outsourcing green energy money and green jobs to other countries, as well as massive amounts of corporate welfare, cronyism, and corruption.
Even so, as the congressional Democrats and their allies resume plotting, the senator from Nevada has more sinister motives: the “green” gave Reid a 2010 platform and facilitated a guaranteed reelection. Who knows what the future holds for Reid if the Obama administration and his “climate minions” continue to have their way.

photo by Steve Marcus / Las Vegas Sun

Senator Reid: Repeat Offender on “List of Washington’s Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians”

Harry Reid is another one of those career politicians making their living off the backs of American taxpayers. Reid, who came fromhumble beginnings, has “risen from the son of a hard-rock miner to a fabulously wealthySenate Majority Leader” (net worth in 2010 ranged from $3,302,053 to $10,309,999). First elected in 1986, Reid knows how to use the system, inside and out, in order to get elected over and over.

Reid is even a “repeat offender” at the Judicial Watch “List of Washington’s Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians.” While Judicial Watch, in 2012, gives examples on how the majority leader has used earmarks and influence to enrich himself and his family, they do reference his tie to solar. “Sen. Harry Reid’s latest influence-peddling scandal involves ENN Energy Group,” a Chinese green energy client of Nevada’s largest and most prestigious law firm –– Lionel Sawyer & Collins, of which the Senator’s son, Rory Reid, is a principal.
Back in the summer of 2012, news broke on how Harry and his oldest son, Rory, were both involved in “an effort by a Chinese energy giant, ENN Energy Group, to build a $5 billion solar farm and panel manufacturing plant in the southern Nevada desert.” Needless to say, Reid’s connection to green energy goes much deeper than one Chinese firm.
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