[WATCH] NY Thug Picks Fight With Wrong Trucker, Gets Beating Of A Lifetime

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***Language Warning***


A New York City thug found himself in a typical situation of talking trash to a passerby.  Although it’s unclear what caused the two men in this video to start up a “conversation” one thing is for sure…it didn’t end well for the wannabe gangster guy.  With all that tough talk, you would think he could back it up with some MMA (mixed martial arts) fighting skills, instead he hit the ground hard at the pounding of this Arizona truck driver.

I can already hear the echoes of racism coming from the left as this footage circulates the internet.  The fact still remains, if you’re going to act tough, talk tough, and think someone else is going to take it…you’re wrong.  Watch as this pseudo city thug gets what he least expects.


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  • Konnor Cook

    Punk got what he deserved.

    • sinbadsailor

      Did you watch the video? The black man was being harassed by two bigger fatter hispanic dudes. He complained to the camera that he was by himself and that they would not leave him alone. The “suck my d!ck” tough talk was obviously an attempt to dissuade Fred and Barney from attacking him but it didn’t work. P.S. You are never allowed to lay your hands on anther person, even if he tells you to suck his d!ck.

      • frankw1

        Did you not see the two guys leave the area and the conflict and then head to the store entrance? The single guy then followed them to the entrance in an aggressive manner and then attacked one of them with his fists. Plain and simple case of self protection. Not sure you were watching the same video. Here’s a link:

        • sinbadsailor

          In fact, the fat bullies never left the area. They just intercepted the black man they were harassing on the sidewalk. The bully in the green shirt could have walked into the store if that was his intention. Instead he walked past the entrance and towards the black man on the sidewalk –blocking his way– threatening him again with his left arm extended ready to strike.

          • James Boatman

            The so called bully as you must be a gang banger thats why you don’t want to see the guy in the green shirt WALKED AWAY IF THEY were bullies it would of been 2 on 1 it was not 2 on 1 it was 1 on 1 the wana be gang banger got what he asked for if not WHY DID HE NOT WALK AWAY he agitated it

            • sinbadsailor

              Walking away? First, the video begins with the two bullies repeatedly walking towards the black male while taunting him. After black male walks away to speak to cameraman, bully in the orange shirt stays in the parking lot, repeatedly raising his arms taunting the black male. While orange shirt bully blocks exit to parking lot, green shirt bully circles back on the sidewalk, approaches the black male while raising his left fist in the air
              ready to strike.

              And why were the two bullies bothering him in the first place?

              • frankw1

                No matter what you say, the thug provoked the incident. The two guys together left the parking lot and headed to the entrance of the store, some 50 feet away. That’s the opportunity for the thug to walk away. He wasn’t interested in leaving, he wanted to continue to escalate it. He walked that 50 feet down the sidewalk to the store entrance, not to enter the store, but to confront his enemy. Did you even watch the video?

              • James Boatman

                Roflmao walked away? Are you blind the wana be gang banger walked to the green shirt and swung first and he got what he was asking for wake the F#@€ up

              • Eoedullen

                Everybody that replied to this comment is why we can’t have nice things. How can you guys not see the black guy is truly the victim here 😉

          • Azumpire

            You obviously have a vision issue. The thug should of, and could have just walked right past them and into the store, but no, he had to take a swing at one of them. Get a clue, or get lost

          • LACountyRedneck

            You’re an idiot. I mean that in a sincere way.

          • Greg

            You’re a blind idiot. The brotha was starting the shit, and got his black racist ass beat.

      • porchhound

        What a buffoon you are…no one asked this twerp to follow those guys yelling at them. If he was stooopid enough to continue to agitate them you two must be bruthas!

      • James Stephens

        You must have been watching something else because the two white guys were walking away while the black man was talking trash and trying to start a fight and ended up throwing the first punch

      • Dennis Murphy

        What were you smoking before watching this? You need to stop drinking that KOOOOOL-AID

      • Hoey Joey

        Whatever he asked for it and was running his dick sucker when he should have shut the hell up. He got checked when he threw the first punch, reality is not your strong suit is it bud?

        • Kathy

          Definitely a liberal Democrat!!!

      • Rick Recardo

        Buck Wheat got what he deserved!Blacks need to learn that you run your mouth you will get your ass kicked.

        • Kathy

          Hahahahahahahaha!!! Buck Wheat!!!!

        • Azumpire

          It has nothing to do with blacks. Even though they are the punks responsible for the knock out games back east. They know better than to try that knockout game here in AZ, cause what will happen, is that they will get a bullet in the head. But really, this thug could have been asian, hispanic, or even white trash…the outcome would have been exactly the same.

      • Azumpire

        sinbadsailor, are you just plain stupid? Or your vision is corrupted? Those were 2 of our finest rednecks here in AZ. They gave the thug his choice of which one he wanted. But instead, he decided to go take a swing, then take a real swing at 1 of them. And the thug got exactly what he deserved. Personally, I would have liked to have seen whom, and what started this at the beginning of the argument. Because I certainly do not condone this kind of stuff. I felt bad for the thug, but in reality, he honestly got what he 100% fully deserved.

      • Seed_Of_Filth71


  • Leftbehind


  • sofaking09

    Jiveass got what he deserved!

    • http://hotair.com/archives/2014/02/21/obama-budget-declares-end-to-austerity/ Intheknow

      The trucker stood his ground and gave a good ground and pound.

  • Darwinsgreed

    Judging by the context of the video alone, the guy got what was coming to him; as he seems to initiate the physical confrontation. I’m pleased that someone called the green shirt guy off of him once he was no longer able to defend himself, however I would have liked to see someone, a third party, make sure the dude was okay afterward. He certainly took a beating. Something to consider in that we don’t see how this altercation began, or who the aggressors were initially. It’s just as likely the 2 white guys were instigating the confrontation. The Black dude does say he is not from there, and is alone, so he is clearly feeling threatened.

    • Kile

      It doesn’t matter what was said. The thug threw the first punch and he got the beating of his life. Moron.

    • Anti ObamaHolder

      What is funny about what you claim is that it’s always someones fault when a black guy gets his butt kicked for being verbally and throwing the first punch. If he was the man he thinks he is he could have just walked away but he chose to throw the first punch and got what he deserved. It’s stupid to make it a racial issue because his butt got whooped by a white guy. Maybe his parents should have raised him better to talk crap like he was talking. Had it been me I would have beat him to death.

      • Kile

        It’s racial because he was acting stereotypically for his race.

        • http://hotair.com/archives/2014/02/21/obama-budget-declares-end-to-austerity/ Intheknow


      • Scott Boyer

        Parents??? What you talkin ’bout, Willis?

    • me

      He wasn’t feeling threatened.. he was freaking BRAGGING about how tough he is!! Idiot got what he deserved.. HE took the first swing.. and the trucker defended himself.. Finally.. black dude gets his come-up-p

    • Grizzly907

      *COUGHBS!!!!!!!* The black guy started it (they always start it,) and was talking crap to the white guys who were walking away. That savage wasn’t feeling threatened. He was rolling up on them calling them phaggots and threatening them. Then the jungle savage came up and tried to sucker punch the white guy (NYC jungle bunny style,) and got more than he bargained for. IDGAF if that black savage was hurt or not. I am disappointed that he didn’t kill the filthy animal. He should of just went about his business, but instead he had to sucker punch the white guy. I live around these savages and they start shiate for no reason. The white guy by all rights should of shot the savage in the face-AZ is stand your ground land IE the real America.

      I bet you’re the type of ahole that thinks a homeowner should go to prison because he shot a douchebag that broke into his house. You’re a commieprog liberal arn’t you? You’re most likely a member of a PVP (Protected Victims Group,) yourself. That’s why you’re buttsore over this.

      • Ammotrp69

        stand your ground only applies when you feel your life is threatened. read the law. you can’t just shoot someone because he’s trying to kick your ass. it is a last resort law, meaning only that you don’t need to run from the attacker. I think the moron got what he deserved, and i’m glad he got it, but seriously, be more racist, dude.

        • Grizzly907

          The savage initiated violence. That truck would just need to say “I felt in fear for my life.” The video footage leading up to it would of exonerated him.

        • porchhound

          You are an idiot. If you are being physically attacked you do NOT have to take a beating HOPING you don’t get killed. Once that first punch was thrown the aggressor is dead meat in a stand your ground state. You read too much HUFFPO! Stand your ground means just that…you do not have to retreat if attacked physically or even threatened with a weapon. Did you see the beating this azzwipe got? Do you think it is possible that HE could have been killed or injured for life? idiot!

    • Scott Boyer

      Better pick a side, huh. I say get a rope…find a tree.

    • porchhound

      So to justify the black guy ‘s behavior you have to “assume’ he was initially the victim….take a damned logic course at your local community college…even you should be able to get in!

  • Minh

    To funny

  • Kile

    That truck driver is America and that moron is Obama. This is what is about to happen in this country. You can only push us so far until we have to teach you a lesson.

    • mal

      Good video, retarded comment. there’s a clear line between ignorance and stupidity. this video shows a perfect example of stupidity and ignorance combined, This comment on the other hand is pure stupidity at its finest, I don’t see what Obama has to do with this video

      • Scott Boyer

        Then you are like too many others. You see only what you wanna see, you hear only what you wanna hear but your mouth is going 100 miles an hour all the time. That smart ass does represent NObama and the guy who kicked his useless ass is representative of the rest of us and you just do not know how close we are right now to nut cutting time.

        • Percy

          Close you are to doing what, tough guy?

        • iPadguy57

          Another idiotic comment.

        • Ghia McNealey-Rich

          How does he represent Obama, I don’t get that.

        • frankw1

          Scott, you are right, because this kind of crap never happened before Nobama was president!!!

          • Azumpire

            Yup, under Bush’s watch, as well as under Clintons watch, we never had this race war going on, but it is now, and its been all created on purpose by the obama administration. Where were the knockout games when Bush or Clinton were president? Where were all these race issues when Bush or Clinton was president? They did not exist, thanks to MLKs hard work, and now obama has set us back 50+ years in that department.. Thanks you communist sob who does not belong in the whitehosue

      • lraivala

        Then you clearly are ignorant and stupid…

      • Dan Matchik

        obama uses the race card but, whether they realize it or not obama isn’t the blacks friend either. he uses them to stir things up

    • mark

      Did your parents mean to name to you ‘Kyle’ or were they just too fucking dumb to figure it out. Your metaphor is so dumb, like only somebody named Kile could muster up. Congrats

      • LEGION

        You are off the mark- mark. You are the one too fucking dumb. Metaphor is right on asshole. Fuck you jerk- go suck you beat up buddy’s dick. You know you want to!

      • Scott Boyer

        Oooooo. really clever. Get in line Homer….you’re next.

    • Siggy21


    • iPadguy57

      You are an idiot. America elected Obama he is the President of the United States of America. What is it about that you don’t understand? Not all black men are Obama just like all white men are not Fred Phelps.

      • Azumpire

        iPadguy57, if you honestly think America voted in obama for his 2nd term, then you are naive.That election was rigged, and a complete 100% fraud, thanks to George Soros,and Valerie Jarret. People voting 10 x using dead relatives names, and even using their pets names. Are you fricking kidding me? Not only that, Romney was winning, and within 30-45 seconds, a landslide. More votes came in that were the total population in some states. It was a complete fraud, and it was swept under the table.

      • Robo

        You mean 51% of America and that includes all the dead people who’ve been registered dumbocrats.

  • Rod Bedard

    He got what he deserves, yes, but….once you control the situation you don’t keep wailing away. That is not the way a man of character handles it. The guy giving the beating appears in the right,…he just went a few punches too far.

    • Kile

      The guy still appeared to be alive. They stopped him too soon.

      • OldNYFirefighter

        I’ll bet it is a long time before he gets enough courage to attack another guy, but might attack an old lady.

        • Grizzly907

          That’s what ghetto savages do-attack people who can’t defend themselves or travel in packs like rabid dogs attacking one person.

  • Sir Kenneth

    I disagree Rod more of this needs to happen in America! This loud mouth pussy got eactly what he deserved!

  • govissue

    He swung first and it is all on film. He deserved what he got.

    • sinbadsailor

      Those two fat Hispanic guys were following him and harrassing him. They were blocking the sidewalk and threatening him.

      • anti liberal

        please give up, i don’t care how liberal you are, you can’t possible defend this guy effectively, just stop lmfao

        • sinbadsailor

          Why were the two bullies bothering the black guy in the first place?

      • Dinorah Kezler

        You are just race baiting. That’s what people that want to provoke polemics do. Throwing insults right and left when the facts are different.

  • Kile

    Too bad the trucker didn’t have a gun on him. Could have ended the situation and saved the taxpayers and society from this useless thug.

    • Grizzly907

      Two to the face would of put the ghetto savage in his place.

    • thomaspainelives

      Actually, since the trucker didn’t seem to fear for his life, shooting the punk would have ended up with the trucker in jail. Guns are not a problem solver in EVERY case. The punk got what he deserved.

      • leatherneckga

        Well said. A few more beatings like that because of his loose jawbone and perhaps he may even grow up to be a useful member of society. Unlikely, but in a world where Carpenters come back from the dead, all things are possible.

    • Mark

      Yea pulling out a gun for no reason. That really makes a lot of sense. It’s time to go back and get your GED. Put down your sister and get your GED

  • AnneCameo

    The violence in this country – (has nothing to do with guns) is escalating and we need to address this anger/hate/hostility as innocents are being hurt. Those with power and have the ear of the media NEED to take action and speak out against this growing anger – which has seemed to increase with Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, etc. and undoing all that previous leaders such as M. King talked about. Really sad.

    • Kile

      The problem is, Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, et. al. want to incite violence. It’s part of their plan.

      • leatherneckga

        They had better be careful what they incite. It will come back to bite them in the ass.

        • Percy

          What are you gonna do tough man? Run and squeal like an inbred pig? lol

    • La Lummus

      The growing hanger is promoted by the jihadist in the WH what do you expect people had enough

    • mark

      Violent crime is actually down. Your stupid fucking statement is useless just like your life


      • Scott Boyer

        Mark….you are treading on some damn thin ice.

      • TCorpses

        Don’t bother. These clowns are THE problem. They won’t admit it but it’s fags like them who voted Obama’s half white ass in to begin with now their stupid ass is embarrassed. A lot of these same ass clowns were lame ass blaming Bush for all their problems 6 years ago, when they were still avoiding the mirror(the real source of their failure of a life). Blacks are 10%(and shrinking thanks to Latinos)of the population, yet these San Francisco style secretly gay white cats on here have a hard on towards provoking the n*ggers. Hilarious. How does a President get elected without the White vote, down syndrome country fans?

        • TCorpses

          BTW, I still agree the dude who got beat down 110% deserved it regardless of race(but thats using too much IQ for the NASCAR fans so…whatevs)

        • iPadguy57

          Wouldn’t it be easier for you to just type “I am a racist” and be done with it?

    • jfelfin

      WTF are YOU even talking about?

      The people in power are promoting violence, war and hatred against other races.

      Who do you think you’re gonna “speak out” to?

      You are a joke. Wake up from your little “peace-and-love dream world”. The powers that be are out to destroy this country and especially the white race.

      And don’t come back at me with your “you are a racist” b. s. White people are getting sick and tired of it and are finally fighting back.

  • Grizzly907

    That welfare stealing, breeder POS got his come upping’s.

    • Percy

      How do you know he steals welfare?

      • Thomas L. Stafford

        He looks like welfare trash, talks like welfare trash, and walks like welfare trash. He must be welfare trash. It is a case of walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and sounds like a duck. It must be a duck. I and anybody who has given it much thought realizes that welfare is legalized grand theft of every person who actually earns enough to pay taxes. The Democrats have used it to create dependency and votes at election time since FDR.

      • LACountyRedneck

        40% of those on Welfare are black. That’s pretty damn high considering that blacks are only about 12% of the pop.

  • Marty

    I guess he got his d&%k sucked !!!

  • La Lummus

    Good the bitch got what he deserved that was not the regular old ladies he use to mug … those were men.

  • Pat McNees

    Shoulda taken his hands off his cock–got whupped on instead!

  • HuntforHope

    It is real simple, do not F with truckers and second is, in Arizona we do not put up with loud mouth, threatening behavior like this. He got what he was asking for and the trucker was actually walking away when the guy came at him throwing punches. These so called thugs think people are afraid of them and it is not true. We just happen to try and act civilized but it is perceived as weakness by the thugs.

    • CarolinaCookie4@aol.com

      I heard that. He should have stayed in New York, clearly.

    • John Voice

      This is the same way Terrorists think of Americans- “These so called thugs think people are afraid of them and it is not
      true. We just happen to try and act civilized but it is perceived as
      weakness by the thugs.” You hit it right on!!!

      • Steve

        Yeah, except Americans don’t fuck around. We put our money where our mouth is, literally, just look at the taxes we pay lol.

    • Azumpire

      Extremely well said huntforhope. People here will only take so much, and when you have a punk like this taking the first swing, well, he most definitely got what he deserved.

  • La Lummus

    here’s another thug getting his ass whoop by an old man another one that got what he deserved https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PKDWXyzTB0

    • Larry Sears

      Love it.

      • http://hotair.com/archives/2014/02/21/obama-budget-declares-end-to-austerity/ Intheknow

        Just WTF do these apes think they are? Just because Obozo got elected they think they can attack any white person and get away with it. Like John Paul Jones said, ‘We have just begun to fight.” A 70 year old man jacked his ass up.

    • MitchBaxter

      Did anyone notice that the girl with the camera stole the old man’s bag?

    • kluu

      What I don’t understand is why the old guy was thrown off the bus. The other guy came up to him after the old guy moved to avoid a fight and threw the first punch. The old guy just defended himself.

      • Scott Boyer

        It was a bus full of niggers. Who’s gonna ever tell the truth?

        • Percy

          Typical conservative: racist and dumber than dirt

          • Seed_Of_Filth71

            go away liberal,you live with them and see how they treat you! Oh yeah hide your wife or she”ll be raped the rape Apes!

    • grumpybill

      Hooray for that old guy! The ghetto skank should have gotten beat worse!!!

  • RichLiberal

    So many angry people on this thread……half of you are complete pussies yourselves

    • thomaspainelives

      Your name says it all.

    • DS11T

      Says the pussy bitch !!!!!

    • Grizzly907

      Replace the R with a B and what do you get-a typical gated community scum traitor commieprog liberal.

    • LACountyRedneck

      Liberals are the biggest cowards and the usual victims of black on white attacks. You will learn about diversity the easy way or the hard way. Take your pick.

  • Karl08

    I truly enjoyed that beating on that SOCIAL MISFIT. Simply MAGNIFICENT. How much is the White Man supposed to take from trash like these who are NOT EVEN TRUE AMERICANS?

  • Kathy Hansen

    Love that the punk got the crap beat out of him! This needs to happen more often!!!

  • http://www.davidsmusings.com/ David

    The moral of this story, don’t let your mouth write checks your ass can’t cash.

    • Kidd Comet

      fkn welfar checks worthless nig

      • sinbadsailor


        • LACountyRedneck

          Racist? I don’t care who is racist. They just need to keep their hands off me. The term “racist” no longer has any pull. The negro in this vid is racist. So what.

          • Azumpire

            LOL, yea, Ive been told, and have heard many many times, that Arizona is a racist wasteland.. You ignorant people have your head so far up your rear ends, that you cant think straight. We voted in a hispanic chief of police… many of my very good friends are black, as well as hispanic. Not only that, I work with them ever day, and they are fantastic human beings. But thugs like the one in this video? Come to our state and shit talk like that? Aint gonna happen. Dont give a rats ass what color his skin is. If that was a white dude from alabama talking that same shit, he would have got the same result. So take your racist crap elsewhere..

            • LACountyRedneck

              You can shove your PC garbage where the sun don’t shine, my White-guilt friend. Being racist isn’t illegal, dummy. Taking it to the next level is what blacks do. You’re racist, I’m racist, everybody’s racist. Lets have one big racist party here and agree never to assault anyone just because they’re of another race. And may I suggest that after all the black on White knock-out “games”, assaults, rapes, murders,.. that Whites get even, then call it a day. How about it? If you don’t want racism, get blacks to stop attacking elderly Whites, shooting White babies, ganging up on Whites, throwing a brick in a White girls face and breaking her jaw and teeth. Focus on removing black on White racism and we can have a real discussion. Until then all you White folks reading this need to help Whites develop a reputation. I don’t care if you’re a racist, Azumpire. Just leave others alone. People don’t have a problem with blacks because of the color of their skin, clown. It is their behavior. And if you don’t educate your kids in diversity, they may learn about it the hard way. The negro takes racism to the physical level. That is going over the line and should be dealt with accordingly.So take your racist White-guilt crap to some government Marxist gay rights site.

  • Behning Brad

    I guess if you have a big mouth and act all big and bad, you need to know how to fight.

  • Chris Mull

    punk should have been saying “knock my dick into the dirt” LMAO…that loser got what he deserved

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    Maybe I’m odd, but why didn’t someone at least drag his beat ass out of the street?

    • MitchBaxter

      If you read the description on the YouTube page, the cameraman helped him get up and sat him down on the curb.

      • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

        OK, good. At least they didn’t leave him there to get run over. He deserved the beating he got, but not a car on his back. Thanks!

    • Larry Sears

      Probably no one wanted to admit they knew him. He thinks he is tough? He can drag his sorry tail up off the asphalt himself.

  • John

    I do believe this guy deserve a whooping but the trucker could of stop 10 punches earlier. I am all for putting someone in their place but need to show self control at the same time. The end result is still sad.

    • Larry Sears

      Not sad at all. Don’t start something you can’t finish. Make the A**hole think twice next time. Although he will probably tell his ‘ho’ that he won. Just another lying POS.

      • C

        Then how bout you grow the hell up??!!?? How old are you 2??!!??

    • Grizzly907

      That dude should of punched him ten more times. I am sick of loud mouthed thugs puffing up and starting crap for no good reason.

    • LACountyRedneck

      He should have knocked a few of the guy’s teeth out as a permanent reminder. Blacks usually put people in the hospital or morgue. They rarely limit their strikes. The scum that broke the girls jaw recently with a brick.

  • Mark Franke

    what a loud mouth little piece of shit

  • Craig Robinson

    Must have been Trayvon’s brother.

  • maryjane

    All thugs-no matter what color need a good thumping to let them know we will fight back.

    • kluu

      The only thing that makes alot of us careful of many of these thugs is that their courage is backed up by an illegally owed gun.

  • maryjane

    Is this another one of Obama’s sons?

  • DisqusUserNumber28

    This is good, guys. I’m getting a really good sense of what you think about what you saw.

    Specifically, you saw a trucker beat up a punk, jiveass, thug, welfare-stealing, breeder POS, bitch, mugger, useless social misfit ghetto jungle savage and moron idiot who isn’t even a true American who should have got two bullets to the face.

    Also, you think he’s a NYC jungle bunny savage who is a filthy animal, and this need to happen more often to loud mouth little pieces of shit like Treyvon Martin.

    So, I have just one question: how many of you call yourselves Christians? Actually, I have a second question: What part of John 15:12 (“This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you.”) do you not understand? Maybe you’ve got some later edition than I do? Because, I’ve been looking real hard through MY Bible, but I can’t find the verse that says “This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you, unless you are dealing with a punk, jiveass, thug, welfare-stealing, breeder POS, bitch, mugger, useless social misfit ghetto jungle savage and moron idiot NYC jungle bunny savage who is a filthy animal, in which case you should give him two bullets to the face.”

  • Barbwire Bob

    Goooooood !

  • DisqusUserNumber28

    Good luck explaining yourselves when you go meet your Maker — it should be an interesting conversation.

  • Biscuitom

    I am from NY and that guy is an idiot! We have been invaded by those Welfare loving leeches and he is no more from NY than he is from Arizona! We kicked him out and you should too! Next time, don’t stop.

    • Grizzly907

      No why NY is even more screwed up than it was before. The folks in upstate are great (lived in NJ from 95-98,) but the people in NYC are card carrying Commieprog liberals.

    • T_bone

      STFU bitch… anyone can sit on top of someone and ride
      there dick. This is a pussy move, I would have murked this
      white trash.

      • LACountyRedneck

        Another coward bantu. You sound like the punk in the vid.

      • Sick of it

        Shut up, Monkey. You animals never fight one on one, because this is what happens. You all run your fat lips, but you’re nothing but cockroaches with loud voices and low IQs. Straight out of the trees.

      • Seed_Of_Filth71

        go suck on a t bone niqqer!

  • Kathy LaPlant

    That whole thing smells of a set up. Trash talking street thug setting up the out of towners for a major law suit.

    • MitchBaxter

      A set-up? You’re not as clever as you think you are. They were in Arizona (the taxis had 602 area codes), and he was the out-of-towner.

  • CarolinaCookie4@aol.com

    Well, now I feel better.

  • DisqusUserNumber28

    Oh, *I* see how it is. This is actually pretty funny. My comment is flagged as inappropriate and withdrawn because I pointed out that some of you are a little hypocritical. You call yourselves Christians, but you can’t take it when someone reminds you that Jesus told you “This is my commandment, That you love one another, as I have loved you.”

    What’s inappropriate about it? What’s inappropriate about taking your own religion seriously?

    Here’s a suggestion. Before you go to church this Easter? Just… open the New Testament. Just once. Just see what Jesus is asking you to do. Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s hard. It’s actually easier to call people names and to beat the crap out of people instead of turning the other cheek. But you’re not afraid of hard work, right?


    • nosyjme

      I don’t believe ” Sucking that man’s dick” and letting him sucker punch the guy was what Jesus had in mind… He DID turn the other cheek and got suckerpunched for it… Punk ass GOT what he deserved!!!

      • DisqusUserNumber28

        Love thine enemy means love thine enemy, dude. It means walk away. It means drop the fight. We have no idea what started this. As far as I can tell, they’re all acting like posturing idiots. If I were talking to the New Yorker, I’d say the same thing.

        • Grizzly907

          Jesus also said that we should sell our cloaks and buy a sword.

          • DisqusUserNumber28

            That’s true. And after that, he also said “Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.”(Matthew 26:52)”. If you think the central story of the Bible is about swords and mixed martial arts, you need to go back to Sunday School. But none of this is about Scripture, and we both know it.

            Good luck with the hatred thing. I’ll pray for you.

    • Grizzly907

      Just like this comment is getting flagged arsewipe.

      • DisqusUserNumber28

        Hey, thanks for letting us all know what a coward looks like, Grizzly 907.

    • Scott Boyer

      There’s a time and a place for cheap talk, dude. This ain’t it !

    • Tarred One

      Funny you should quote Jesus. That quote, in context, is referring only to his actual *FOLLOWERS* loving each other as he has love them. He covers people “outside the faith” with “Love your enemies”.

  • jr61020

    Talk is cheap. Dude, this ain’t NY

  • xprtmarksman

    That thug got what was coming to him, but I need to clarify a few things. First, the “truck driver” got in a Honda. Second, I’m from Texas and currently live in AZ. Most people from AZ act more like the thug in this video, not the other way around (I don’t mean wearing the goofy clothes and talking “gangsta”, but they are inconsiderate and like to talk a big game). The fact that the AZ “truck driver” (who drives a Civic) beat up the thug from NY is total coincidence; he being from AZ was not the reason for the beating, but rather the gangsta’s obvious lack of bow-staff skills.

    • Tarred One

      Nice generalization of people in Arizona, buckwheat. Those of us who are natives will dispute you on your assertion, however. I suspect that most of the “loudmouth Arizonans” you refer to actually, like you, came here from another state.

  • nosyjme

    I am guessing he should have sucked his OWN D*ck and kept his mouth shut…

  • MitchBaxter

    Where does it say that the other guy was “a trucker?” He and his buddy got into what looked like a Toyota at the end of the video.

  • CowboyUp Mayer


  • Larry Sears

    Got exactly what he and all the other worthless thugs like him deserved. Lucky the guy wasn’t a concealed carry guy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brent.whosify Brent Whosify

    Oh how the Racism is going to be strong. With all that said..it doesn’t matter what was said. New York tossed the first punch. You provoke the incident, the victim has every right to protect himself. It will be a gray area when he is punching downed New Yorker. However, it can also be seen as a continuation of a threat, and to continue for safety. So, with that said, bring it on Rev. Jackson and cronies.

    Remember though..rule number of of fight club..DON’T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB!!

    • DisqusUserNumber28

      Hey, Brent. Fine, a victim has every right to defend himself. I mean, I would handle it differently, but I’m not him and I wasn’t there. But, if someone would say “hey, this is racist?,” you know why they’d say that?

      It’s not because it’s a white guy beating the crap out of a black guy who swung first. It’s because of all the good people on this comment thread who think it’s ok to refer to said black guy as “a punk, jiveass, thug, welfare-stealing, breeder POS, bitch, mugger, useless social misfit ghetto jungle savage and moron idiot who isn’t even a true American who should have got two bullets to the face, and who also happens to be a NYC jungle bunny savage who is a filthy animal, and this need to happen more often to loud mouth little pieces of shit like Treyvon Martin.”

      It’s kind of embarrassing, I think. But, hey, if people who say shit like that want to go on and tell themselves that they’re better than the guy who walks around saying “suck my dick,” it’s their party.

      • nelly0042

        Well, if and when you find the commenter who says “a punk, jiveass, thug, welfare-stealing, breeder POS, bitch, mugger, useless social misfit ghetto jungle savage and moron idiot who isn’t even a true American who should have got two bullets to the face, and who also happens to be a NYC jungle bunny savage who is a filthy animal, and this need to happen more often to loud mouth little pieces of shit like Treyvon Martin” you can call him out for his behavior.

        • DisqusUserNumber28

          Sure. This is who I’m calling out for their behavior.
          (Go ahead, Grizzly907 or anyone else. Delete it again if you’re such a coward that you can’t even stand behind your own words. Waah.)

          Punk: Kathy Hansen
          Jiveass: SoFaking09
          Thug: Larry Sears
          Welfare-stealing, breeder POS: Grizzly907
          Bitch, mugger: La Lummus
          Useless: Kile
          Social Misfit: Karl08
          Ghetto Jungle Savage: Grizzly907
          Moron: Ammotrp69
          Idiot: Biscuitom
          Isn’t Even A True American: Karl08
          Two (Bullets) To The Face: Grizzly907
          NYC Jungle bunny: Grizzly907
          Filthy Animal: Grizzly907
          Needs To Happen More Often: Kathy Hansen
          Loud Mouth Little Pieces of Shit: Mark Franke
          (like) Trayvon Martin: Craig Robinson

          • nelly0042

            Some of these, I agree, are over the top and invite those who claim racism.
            But others are terms that carry no such connotation.
            At least 2/3rds of those you list – punk, thug, bitch, mugger, useless, social misfit, moron, idiot, filthy animal, needs to happen more often and loud mouth piece of sh*t – are not terms that convey any particular racial animosity.

      • LACountyRedneck

        The negro got what he deserved. We live in a topsy-turvy world where people are far more offended if someone says n***** than if they act like one. As if using the term is worse than an act of violence. People don’t have a problem with blacks because of their color. It is their behavior. And blacks have a high percentage of that behavior relative to the overall pop.

  • 1Sonny2

    Well the guy had it coming but the trucker guy went a little overboard…he could have killed him

    • Grizzly907

      The trucker didn’t go far enough. My mom used to say “don’t let your crocodile mouth overload your humming bird arse.” Cladubba didn’t take that advice.

      • 1Sonny2

        Well just sayin if you kill someone you ruin your own life…

        • LACountyRedneck

          If I’m attacked I’ll do whatever I have to to defend myself and my loved ones. If the attacker happens to die, oh well, he should have thought about it sooner.

    • nelly0042

      Oh, come on. The trucker was a long way from killing him. He just gave a good smackdown that this wanna be thug might remember the next time he tosses a punch.

    • Tarred One

      The trucker wasn’t even hitting him that hard when he was down — and if you look closely, you can see that some of the blows were actually slaps.

    • LACountyRedneck

      That’s what I say about every cowardly black on white assault. This guy was defending himself and taught that boy a lesson. Often blacks assault the elderly or some girl or someone they outweigh by a hundred pounds or some sucker punch, or 3 guys jumping on one. I hope this negro has a permanent scar at least as a reminder.

  • http://hotair.com/archives/2014/02/21/obama-budget-declares-end-to-austerity/ Intheknow

    Looks like he’s playing the “knock out” game. lol

  • Conservative Mark

    I hope he had his Obamacare but the Death Panel may deny him coverage after they see this video. He asked for it.

  • Kidd Comet

    fkn a fkn nig -rise up america end this obamanation-take back our country!! fn a baby

  • Ryan Hess

    i didnt see him start the fight but he got whooped one on one

  • dcblindbat@aol.com

    Oh well, shit happens.

  • JoAnn

    Im going to call bullcrap on this video it looks like a total scam.

  • Tarred One

    That was hilarious.

  • Brenda Stines Mills

    was that one of those sons “if 0bama had”? he sure got his butt beat….I love it when a ghetto rat picks on the wrong “victim” and it backfires on him…..WOOHOO!!!!!

  • grumpybill

    HOORAY for that guy!!! The thug should have gotten beaten worse!!!!

  • Scott Boyer

    Now THAT is some funny stuff right there!!!!!

  • O Rod

    I have to say that was done with class! His buddy could have jumped in but, didn’t. Had it been the other way I don’t think that would have been the same; thugs are like wild animals they take down their pray in groups, it protects their species. The species of THUG seem to be worthless alone I think that was the reason for the need to announce he was alone, or was that a howl?

    • Tarred One

      You are correct. If you reversed the races of the individuals involved, it would have been two-on-one, at least. Being bullies and cowards by nature, NAPA’s usually like to have a substantial numerical advantage.

    • firftrmark

      And when people said hey man he has had enough,,he got off of him and walked away.

  • Chad

    I dotn think the thug was a “pussy”, he was an idiot undoubtedly, a loud mouth and he bit off more then he could chew… happens, you maybe the toughest kid on your block.. when you get off your block you find your just a little guy in a big world after all.

  • Moej O’Raisin

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! don’t start nothin’ won’t be nothin’

  • Boogers

    The black guy is trying to sue the white guy in the video, He says so on his twitter feed. https://twitter.com/FreekieLondon

  • GaryG


  • Tarred One

    Take your ni66er ass back to New York, boy.

  • Ing_R

    This made my day, my week, my month…best video of 2014

  • RC

    Those two guys aren’t truck drivers. They actually are HVAC installers out of an east valley company. I see them on jobsites all the time.

    • LACountyRedneck

      If you see him tell him I said thanks for the entertainment.

  • Percy

    white guys beating up a black guy and conservatives are cheering. It must be a day that ends in Y

    • Ziggy Hudson

      That was ONE white guy……..did you see two?

    • LACountyRedneck

      Yeah. It’s not often you see a black guy fighting fair in a street fight.

  • Johnny Richard

    He was just a loudmouth dope pusher he needed a reality check….lmao

  • TCorpses

    Fuck racism, anybody who talks *that* much shit better back it up…this fool got exactly what he deserved…they should have finished his ignorant ass

  • johnny

    Got schooled sucka. Should not have attacked a trucker punk.


    too bad he did not beat that animal to death; would have been 1 less………


    too bad this does not happen to fat albert or jerky jesse or prune faced chuckie……….

  • Tony

    Notice how the second white guy didn’t do the chickenshit thing and get in as well. So many of these videos have several blacks jumping in to beat up one or two whites.
    I don’t know how people think they win, when they gang up on others. Just scared little punks. Sad world. So much hate.

    • LACountyRedneck

      Watch White vs black street fights on YT. Most fair fights end up with Whites kicking ass.

  • Glenn H

    That was better than my morning coffee, nothing like seeing one of those stupid SOB’s get what they deserve!

  • jwdent .

    More of these clowns need to be taken down like that. It might start teaching them a lesson about learning to be civil.

    • LACountyRedneck

      Exactly. Whites need to teach others not to mess with them. We need many more vids like this.

  • RVNMike

    HAHAhahahaha………….. why did the trucker stop?

    • LACountyRedneck

      Genetics. He did the job and called it.

  • Ghia McNealey-Rich

    True he got the ass whipping he deserved, but what does this fight have to do with Obama, I’m confused.

  • 1911HeadBanger

    Take some of that back to New York, Homie. Be sure and brag about it when you’re hanging out with all the other tough little thugs.

  • Ben Ghazi

    Turns out white guys can jump after all — if you include jumping all over a loud mouth ghetto creep.

  • KDM

    Great show!! Nothing at all to do with race.

  • IdiocracyOnTheHorizon

    Why are many of you using this video to substantiate your viewpoints? This is not about race. It’s not about Obama or America. It’s not about New York or Arizona. This was a battle of egos, which is an ironic exercise since it NEVER acts in our best interest. The real loser was whomever had the biggest one after the dust settled. Please stop making ignorant comments and allusions about the underlying symbolism here, because there isn’t any.

  • Dave Navarro Sr.

    Actually, none of they are worth my time… the thug or the truckers. They all act all bad ass. Like if I would say, hey I’m in Arizona. Come get some. It’s all bullshit.

    • LACountyRedneck

      Facts aren’t racist. Guys that act like niggers deserve the title. People seem far less offended when someone is assaulted and seriously hurt than someone calling someone a name. Sticks and stones, man.

  • Andy McWilliams

    I broke my hand on one of those monkey’s heads once. Don’t ever hit one on the head with your hand. My grandpa told me that a long time ago. He’d put his foot I’m somebody’s ass!

  • Rick

    If it had been two black guys and one white guy, they would have jumped in and kicked him while he was down

  • D.J. DelliPaoli

    He’s good at talking shit but sucks at fighting. When you’re out of your element & by yourself you need to be on your best behavior.

  • Rick Recardo

    lol buck wheat runs his mouth and gets ass kicked

  • Pop

    White cracker!!!

  • Dopa

    The big dude should’ve stopped about 6-8 punches before he did. You don’t keep punching when the guy can’t defend himself. That’s BS.

    • LACountyRedneck

      Bullshit. Pampering blacks has been the problem for Whites. Whites need to teach blacks not to mess with them. Taking it easy on a punk like this isn’t going to set any positive examples. It’s too bad he didn’t terminate him with those punches. So now this punk will perhaps find one of your family members to mess with and then things might not end like they did here.

    • Richard StJohn

      Oh really? You think Mr. Mouth would have stopped if the situation was reversed? Hell fuck no. He’d have been yelling to the camera, talking more smack and beat on that guy for the next ten minutes. It’s what happens when the knockout game is played one on one. The asshole who starts it often loses.

  • Pop

    White crackers!!

    • firftrmark

      just cracked the head of a big mouth fool that ran his alligator mouth and couldn’t back it up with his hummingbird azz.

  • mlb_1902

    If you talk the talk then you better be able to walk the walk and if anyone calls racist or racism they better think again. Are we supposed to allow any person who feels like it to talk shit about us and do nothing about it?

  • Veracious_one

    as usual the black guy threw the first punch….

  • crawfordjim@bellsouth.net

    Sometimes, the bad guys who think they’re tough, actually get what they ask for. This also supports the theory that blacks only like to fight when they have their opponent(s) far outnumbered.

  • John Shepard

    This is so racist, so racist…so so racist…that……………..that I don’t even know why this would be racist.

  • MIBigSarge

    Not sure what initially provoked this, but damn that loud mouth turned into a bobble head, or a seal in the zoo at feeding time…LOL

  • Widow Maker

    The black looked mentally disturbed. He was probably an agressive panhandler, and thought he could bully the two white guys into giving him some obama free cash aka mo’ gibs me dat. The white guy in the orange shirt was a douchebag and probably was as lame as the black thug when it came down to it, big motor mouths are nearly always that way without fail. The big dude in the green shirt took care of bidness, hell ya. Green shirt wasn’t saying much and walked away, but he let those hammers do his talking when it counted. Dats wat I’m talkin’ bout playa. Would have made a better vid if Green shirt would’ve backhanded orange shirt at the end for being such a douce. Word.

    • LACountyRedneck

      Only “douche” here was the Bantu.

      • Widow Maker

        Have to say orange shirt was a huge douchebag too. Orange shirt is the type of “tough guy” that talks sh*t from a distance. Green shirt handled it like a true boss. He stomped a mudhole in the attackers arse and walked away knowing that actions speak louder than talking sh*t. Orange shirt probably needs an arse kicking too. He was almost as annoying as the black idiot.

        • LACountyRedneck

          No. If those two Whites were negroes, they would have ganged up on their victim and likely just about killed him. Blacks rarely fight fare and often a surprise attack or sucker punch or ganging up. The guy in the orange shirt did nothing. Orange shirt didn’t get involved otherwise it would have made the negro look like he was assaulted. Whites need to work together and get a rep. This jackass got off way too easy.

        • firftrmark

          Actually i think the man in the orange shirt would have given him even more of a beaten,,he sure looked more in shape than the one that knocked the big mouths head off.

  • reidh

    There were two fat bullies, whom the black kid was telling to suck his dick, and getting closer to them to enable same. That a fight broke out must have been a total surprise to the black kid, as is evidenced by his being so stupid as to think and/or suggest that the bullies were actually gay and wanted to have sex with him.

  • reidh

    was the black guy really from NYC, and the “Bullies” was chicanos? Didn’t look like that. But it did happen at a QT? or was it FT?

  • namco003

    Let the racist trolling begin…

  • namco003

    I’m curious why the word ‘trucker’ was used when they clearly got into the smallest of compact cars…

  • Nate

    Why is this even being posted? How distasteful.

  • Frey

    New Yorkers don;t move to Arizona…. . Hes prob from Pennsylvania.

  • Frey

    It’s pretty obvious who throws the first punch…… also who kept yelling SMD SMD….. this has nothing to do with racism. 2 Dudes running there mouths. One gets whats coming to him. The end. Happens at Bars every weekend. No one cries racisim.

  • Charles W. Arzillo Jr.

    30 years ago the ny guy wouldn’t have be as emboldened off his own turf. The big difference today is no one learned yesterdays lessons, they all suck in this display of ignorance. No winners here, just another act of mutual hate for each other.

  • IB

    He is an idiot. You dont wrestle with someone that is twice your size. you box them. idiot boy and I am from NYC and know that.

  • Beallthere

    Where do you get ‘trucker’ ?

  • MMG

    I’m white a Conservative Republican and I am an expert in reading body language. I can tell you….the black dude was DEFINITELY scared of these two white guys the minute the camera began rolling. The video does not show what started the confrontation in the first place. Also, the black man declared repeatedly, “I’m by myself”! He also shouted “suck my dick” repeatedly…which means “Fuck you” similar to the milder version “kiss my ass” or “go to hell”. Yes his fist made contact first…..but it appears that is EXACTLY what the white guys wanted. I did not here the white guys say ” get out of here” or “back off”. At the beginning of the video the black CLEARLY says “Back up off me dude”. Those two white guys were on their turf talking shit to an “out of towner” therefore had the upper hand in more ways then one….Also, when the black guys arms and hand were clearly bound by his sweatshirt how could he possibly be a threat to these two guys? Thankfully, the guy at the end of the video shouted THAT’S ENOUGH GET OFF HIM YOU WON! The white guy is a danger to society because he obviously does not have self control. I think he would have beat that black man to death had someone not stepped in.

  • K R

    Hey hey now let’s keep it straight NYC. We don’t like them in upstate ither we have a saying locals only. Scum bags come to the prisons upstate and bring all their NYC trash problems with em. They need to devide the state.

  • Mike Gilmer

    Loved it!

  • Lisa Hawks

    that was sooooo great. He got what he deserved the little thug

  • Jay Newton-Thomas

    Nobody should applaud any of the actions in this video. You don’t try to kill a man for his words. Even if he pushes you to fight – you don’t keep pounding him without regard for his life. I hope the truck driver was arrested for this. It is a crime, not self-defense.

  • http://urmommasfat.com pete

    First off this isn’t how people from NY act. This nigga was trying to use his coming from NY as intimidation as other people who can’t fight tend to use something to try and intimidate someone. I come from NY Long island (Islip) to be technical and there isn’t much talking when Ny’ers fight. They have beef, they handle it and don’t GAF if it’s 2 on 1 or 3 on 1 or so on and so on. This guy got exactly what he deserved. The louder and more they talk, the less they want to fight…