Police Officer’s Final Act of Kindness Caught on Tape Before Dying

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Police Officer’s Final Act of Kindness Caught on Tape Before Dying
A good police officer……

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  • lraivala

    RIP Officer. Unfortunately you came from one war zone to another.

    • Seth A. Yellin

      Fast “Food” kills, especially McGMOexperimentedAndTortured. R.I.P. .. ~NAMASTE~

    • susisee

      Yes, and unfortunately a much more dangerous one…

  • Christopher Paul Parish

    This guy needs to be remembered forever, his family should be taken care of for life. He has done more for society than people will ever see.

    • Seth A. Yellin

      Fast “Food” kills, especially McGMOexperimentedAndTortured.. R.I.P. ~NAMASTE~

  • SupportMcCarthyism

    You notice they made sure they didn’t mention who shot him.

    • AL349

      I noticed that, too.

      • antilib

        The media is our enemy. They are enablers for our hoodlum society and our out of control government.

        • francoamerian

          They are enablers to the hoodlum society on the street and they enable crooked politicians as the ones in the White House presently are being enabled. They enable a crooked President to get away with all kinds of lies by not putting the spotlight on these lies.

        • SmithW6079

          Who do you think runs the media? The giant corporations, the ones who own all the politicians. Take off your “liberal media” blinders and realize who the real enemies are — the corporate oligarchy that rules this country and wants to keep the average American downtrodden and believing in whatever BS they spew out.

    • fntsmk

      “Dejon Marquee White.” Want to make any guesses here? This is a sad story but heck… it’s two and a half years old; Aug 8, 2011. As much as it was a travesty for the death of a GOOD Police Officer, and as much of a travesty that Brian Williams and NBC did NOT identify “DEJON MARQUEE WHITE,” why bring it up again now?

      • SupportMcCarthyism

        This is the first I have heard of this; I didn’t know.

        • Erik Nmre Overn

          Seems to me, this is just being dug out of the archives to confuse the issue in the search engines. What is anybody gonna look for? “Good white cop is nice to good black kid named White and gets shot” This is not “news” , it’s over 2 1/2 years old. This is propaganda, designed to show up on the first page of Youtube searches under “black” white” “cop” “kid” “good” and “shot”. Just so angry morons will have someone to argue with.

    • Guest

      Blacks shoot police dead. Obama where are you?
      That might have been your son. 30 years ago.

  • Jim_Orange_CA

    Amazing how almost all of the Black Community thinks all us White folks are Raciest!

    • Seth A. Yellin

      You ave bad grammar in general but… racists!!* Not capitalized nor an ‘e’ in there. Namaste.

      • No Libtard

        Well, if you’re going to be like that; then you have bad spelling. It’s “have”; not “ave”!

      • Grammar Police

        Nothing better than correcting bad grammar with more bad grammar…. LOL

      • TenMegaton

        Eat schitt. How’s my grammar?

      • sc

        you don’t spell so well yourself.

    • Seth A. Yellin

      Fast “Food” kills, especially McGMOexperimentedAndTortured…… R.I.P. ~NAMASTE~

    • SmithW6079

      If you’re any indication, then they’re correct.

  • kcir321

    Did they catch the little girlie coward?

    • Seth A. Yellin

      Fast-“Food” kills, especially McGMOexperimentedAndTortured. R.I.P. ~ #NAMASTE ~

  • Mindmech

    That is very sad. A good heart, a vet, a damn shame. I salute you officer. You better remember that advice kid. His heart was in the right place.

  • Biscuitom

    I hope they make the person that shot him watch this video every hour on the hour for the rest of their life!

  • Biscuitom

    They didn’t want to bring any notoriety to the monster that did this.Keep the focus on this wonderful man!

  • Ken Simon

    Excellent story, and they didn’t need to mention who shot him, the story is about his last kind act which summed up what kind of a person he was. Enough said!

    • francoamerian

      That’s right. It is a given on who committed the killing. We all know who and what did it. The main thing is that the police officer was the main thing in this story. He was a hero and a good man especially to that little boy he bought the cookies for. I am sure that boy will never forget how good he was to him.

    • Ed Kohl

      Ken Simon, you are very right. This article wasn’t about who shot this man, but the nice thing he did shortly before he was murdered.

  • Honeysuckle1940 .

    What kind of garbage do we have in this country?


    Sorry but I am Greek , policeman how she died?? Rest In Peace

  • Churchill4President

    What was the race of the thug who shot him?

    • Mark

      Evil exists in all races, I assure you Churchill understood that.

  • Seth A. Yellin

    Fast “Food” kills, especially McGMOexperimentedAndTortured. R.I.P. ~NAMASTE~

  • No Libtard

    As sad as this is; it’s surely refreshing to see a post about a good cop. If it ever comes down to it between us and this regime…I believe I know which side this officer would have chosen!

  • jim house

    R.I.P myself i am a vietnan vet God Bless you …

  • Rich Patino
  • DAY8293A

    You can bet your sweet behind, that if some white thug had shot a ‘good black cop’, it would have been mentioned, and the race baiting news media whores would have been following the trial on national TV. But some black piece of trash kills a white police officer??? Not even a mention of it…. Me racist? No more than the media and race baiting media whores…..

    • Ed Kohl

      The problem is that we DON’T know who the killer was so the color of his skin doesn’t mean anything. No one has come forward with any information yet.

  • Major Joseph Taylor III

    Why not focus on the cop instead of the criminal. As much as the news media keeps making everything about race so do the people on this site. Who cares what race the criminal was. Stop blaming the media when youre doing the same thing it makes you a two faced.

    • Ed Kohl

      Do you mean Color of skin, Nationality, or Ethnicity? Because we are all the same race – the Human Race. Unfortunately most people just don’t seem to understand that we all came from a small valley in Africa if you go far enough back, so that means that we are all (GASP) “RELATED” (No Way!) to each other. This is why if you have the same blood type as someone in need of a transfusion, they can take your blood. Same with your organs, if you are a close enough match, your organs could realistically save the live of another person or several in this world. Now could we do any of these things if we were different races?

  • Chuck O’Connor


  • Mickey
  • Tallfritz

    Discriminating against Muslims is not racist any more than discriminating against Christians is racist. So, “racism” is a misnomer since Muslims and Christians can come in any color and size.
    Although Christians can be taxed (for their religion), imprisoned, or killed (for conversion from Islam or proselytizing) in some Islamic countries and women are often subjugated to men based on Koranic teachings, I would not object a Muslim cashier unless I had a lot more evidence to being something more than just a Muslim..

  • oarsman

    Here’s the story–with photos–that Brian Wilson didn’t have the balls to report, and NBC didn’t want you to know. Dejon Marquee White (my gosh, what a misnomer of a surname!) was truly less than pathetic: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Cop-Shooting-Suspect-Had-Criminal-Past-127226128.html

  • Erik Nmre Overn

    This is just being dug out of the archives to confuse the
    issue in the search engines. What is anybody gonna look for? “Good white
    cop is nice to good black kid named White and gets shot” This is not
    “news” , it’s over 2 1/2 years old. This is propaganda, designed to show
    up on the first page of Youtube searches under “black” white” “cop”
    “kid” “good” and “shot”. Just so angry morons will have someone to argue
    with on Google+

  • Cynthia

    He’s not just a good officer, he was a hero, a great American. Heaven is blessed with another angel.

  • Veruckteamericaner

    I wish all the morons who in these blogs say ” Kill all the pigs” would realize that most cops a just as human as they are! They are NOT ruthless storm troopers as they think! God have mercy on this mans soul!

  • disqus_rcaZrtIIZM

    who shot him he could of died of a heart attack who know what color shot him dose anyone know

    • Ed Kohl

      Does it really what color the skin of the complete coward who gunned him down in his cruiser was? No it doesn’t. All we know is that someone who was a COWARD, walked up to his cruiser while he was eating his lunch and shot him dead. This type of cowardice has become rampant in this country, and we need to make the punishment for this type of crime much worse than it currently is in this state. We have become a state that is putting the “rights” of the criminal above the rights of the victim, and it needs to stop. The problem is the majority of the people that think treating criminals in jail like “Criminals” is against their “Rights”. So now it costs those same people and the rest of us more to keep (house, feed, medicate, and so forth) a criminal in jail than most of us make for a living. Anyone see a problem with this besides me? I think Sheriff Joe in Arizona has the right idea. He has turned around the prison system in the county he lives/works in, so completely that most of the criminals who have to stay in his idea of a prison, don’t want to ever come back. That is NOT what is happening in CA and far too many of the other states in this Country. We give them really good food, medical and dental coverage better than I can afford, Cable TV, Weights and exercise facilities that I can’t afford, and many things that criminals just fifty years ago wouldn’t have dreamed of. Unfortunately the Recidivism rate ( the percentage of criminals returning to jail over and over) is very high. We have over 2 million prisoners in jail across this nation, in most of those prisons they get better TV than the average consumer can afford, in AZ they only get the Disney and the History Channel. Because we the people have decided that they have to have access to TV, he has limited that access to channels with less violence on them (mostly that is). Most prisons are Brick or Concrete, however; those run by Joe are tent cities with MRE’s for all meals, plastic utensils, pink underwear and minimum clothing, wool blankets (like the ones our military has been using for more than a 100 years) and so on. In some of his prisons he is actually teaching his prisoners a job that they can make good money with on the outside, when they return to the population. They are becoming Veterinarians and so forth. Some of them are now growing fresh vegetables for their tables, with the extras being sold to the public for extras such as new books for them to read. This is what all our prisons should be doing. His system is in the black for the first time in History. I know it would be nice for the prisons in my state to actually run at a PROFIT, instead of costing me and the other citizens in this state billions of dollars a year. We are the ONLY country in the world where our Ex-cons return to jail in the numbers they do here. Most countries jails are so bad that if you took a tour of them, you would NEVER want to end up in one of them.

  • Tashina Evans

    sad that america is more dangerous then other countries