Allen West Recount Update: 7 Registered Voters and 900 Ballots Cast Voter Fraud Alert!!!

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Precinct 93 in the Allen West Recount had 7 registered voters and 900 ballots cast!!!!

From CBS News:

West’s campaign, though, is calling for an emergency hearing over “concerns” raised during the recount process, including results showing that 900 votes were cast in precinct 93, where there are only seven voters registered.

“As usual, Murphy’s people are full of garbage,” West campaign manager Tim Edson told the Post. “This is something the secretary of state and governor will have to sort out.”

We need this to get out there… please share this post with everyone you know.

We have obvious voter fraud here!!!

Call and or Email Governor Rick Scott’s Office NOW!!!
Executive Office of Governor Rick Scott
400 S Monroe St
Tallahassee, FL 32399
(850) 488-7146

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  • Donna Harris

    Disgusting that Florida would allow such fraud and corruption of our voter system! Where are the leaders? Why aren’t you standing up for the truth?

    • Susannah Fitters Fedders

      It seems to me that no one wants to cross Obama’s line in fear of the consequences,it fits perfectly all the lies ? People were told buy there President,don’t work for a living,I will support you off the rich peoples money and I feel people are settling for that,our hands are tied let Obama do whatever he wants. I personally can not beleive the ”AMERICAN PEOPLE” threw in the towel on Obama’s bull – faced lies. I did my best on Facebook to express my feelings but got shot down. Oh” well have a nice life,and if you have money do not bank,put cash in safe :)

  • Nunya

    Spelled the governor’s email wrong

  • wheels

    Let me here just one liberal tell me there is no need for voter ID.

  • Vincent

    What a minute. Only 7 registered voters in a precinct? How large is that precinct? Does it have a large immigrant population?

  • Elizabeth MacIntire Straw

    Does anyone think that this doesn’t represent what happened nationwide?

  • linda

    I was there and the numbers are not accurate, Do not believe anything they say, Murphy supposedly won, I don’t believe it, incompetence at its best…

  • Deborah Singer

    Something I have suspected regarding the presidential race…………………..The Obama/Biden ticket was won FRAUDULENTLY! This just confirms that fact! I am disappointed that Mitt and Paul conceded so readily when by all appearances they would be be our next POTUS and VPOTUS! Just sayin!!

  • Ed Simmons

    This has to be stopped!! and dealt with! America demands a total recount of the 2012 presidential election votes!! With fraud like this! Obama surely did not win!!

  • Robin Leclerc

    i sent my letter to the governor and called about the crappy election process in saint lucie county …did you? it screams of fraud to me…what is patrick murphys campaign so afraid that we will find? and why does the election office have to close at 10pm during the recount , but can remain open as late at night as they want when the supervisor of elections wants it to….they are hiding a big mess and dont want anyone to find out about it….all we want is the truth…if murphy won fair and square , so be it…but show us the proof

  • Tony Lancon

    You can’t be surprised by ANYTHING the Libs do to maintane their death grip on the socialist agenda. PROSECUTE OBAMA!!!

  • Richard Smith

    I have read too much that contributes to the suspicion that there was massive voter. I believe there was. I want the truth and the truth to be publicized

  • Ronny Couick

    I was wondering on election night while watching the ABC online run-down, Wisconsin was showing Romney with a three percentage point lead over Obama, but Obama was checked as the winner of the electoral votes with only 27% of the precincts reporting. What gives with that? I saved the screen shot to my pc.

  • Bobloblaw

    I’m calling BS on this. A precinct for only 7 voters??? BS

  • John

    Look up precinct 93, it’s the Golden Pond Communities Assisted Living Center. It specializes in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. It’s the perfect place to manufacture votes.

  • Bobloblaw

    The closeness of the election wouldn’t be a point if Allen West had properly served his constituents instead of being a bombastic buffoon.

  • Dave

    Please review and sign if you agree. Only need 150 signatures to get on the White House website. Please email any recommendations as this is only a rough draft or go to my new facebook page K.I.S.A. (Keep It Simple America).

  • Margaret metcalf

    Protect the integrity of Florida’s polls!

  • Anonymous

    Who to believe? How does one discern the truth? Where are the facts in context?

  • TallyAnnaE

    I can not find verification of the statement that 900 votes were cast in Precinct 93. What is the source?

  • Mary Jean Scudieri

    is that e-mail correct?

  • Marlen Flamig

    it was all rigged from the get go, but we the people arent giving up the fight!

  • ib2drt

    Where is the GOP? Where are the leading Republicans from the state of Florida? They have left Col West to defend himself from thieving wolves in ALL directions? Shameful! FIGHT ALLEN WEST! FIGHT!

    • oldgringo

      We don’t have a GOP anymore…..This party is unofficially Dead!

  • Kim Jackson

    awwww been waiting for this!!!! here comes the conspiracy theories…..What to you so long???

  • Clarence Commuso

    What is going on….?

  • http://Msn Norma

    This is NOT Acceptable, by any Standard….They lie and cheat like little first graders…

  • Mike

    lies, but that is what I would expect from a conservative newspaper…

    6 votes were cast, 2 cards per voter period. This article is a sham, get used to it conservatives

  • http://facebook Emma Brown

    Governor Scott,

    Will you please see to it that all this VOTER FRAUD is ended! We are sick to death of all the OBVIOUS FRAUD! Allen West rightfully won,and we need to see that his opponent is exposed as the fraud that he is! Please do whatever you must to put and END to all the voter fraud!

    Thank you,
    Emma Brown

  • Guy Carter

    Should we expect anything less from the Chicago Machine? SOP from Obama’s corrupt election machine…

  • terry

    What is a “former” US Marine? I do not understand? Semper Fi!

  • Ron

    Steve, I’m all in favor of ensuring fair elections and exposing voter fraud, but in this instance it seems CBS is simply reporting claims from the Allen campaign of alleged voting fraud, and not actually saying those allegations are factual. If you look at the Precinct 93 results it shows 7 registered voters, with 6 total votes being cast. There were no recorded over votes. Where is the West campaign getting this 900 vote number from? I would be very interested in knowing how they got that number. The link to the pdf document is below (look on page 4, precinct 093)

  • Bro. Steve Winter

    A copy and paste from

    The big news now is voter fraud in the 2012 presidential election.

    The evidence is overwhelming!,


    Also share and see the documentation of their censorship and harassment.

    Bro. Winter Christian Bible teacher

  • mickeywhite

    another neocon bites the dust. Good bye Fake conservative West.

  • Doro Caruso

    I think we need the national election re-counted..and the electoral college investigated for fraud….or we’re looking at 4 years of more corruption than anyone can imagine…
    At least we see with Allen West, it’s not about “race”…it’s about all Power going to the Left.

    • Marlen Flamig

      there is a way to get the election back, and it involves the electoral votes, they actually vote on Dec 17th, I think, and if all of the states that Romney actually won, plus a few more, if their electoral votes vote for Romney or even a third party, then Obama wont have the 270 required. This throws the presidental election to the House of Representatives to vote on who becomes president, and since the House is controlled by the republicans, they might actually work. So every one needs to contact the people that are the electoral voters and have them vote for anything other than Obama. One might ask how can this be, it was done at the election? Yes and No, the popular vote was established at the election, but in truth the electoral vote has no been done yet, not till Dec 17th. The electoral voters are usuallt bound to the party that won the popular vote of each state, and or by state law is determined to vote for who ever won that state. However, the Constitution is mum about this, and 99% of the electoral voters that voted against popular votes of their state, have never been proscuted. SO People contact your states party and have they contact the electoral voters of such and no vote for Obama, this can be done, but everyone needs to contact them.

  • Regina

    Democratic National Committee v Republican National Committee
    Case No. 09-4615.

    Until this gets vacated — voter fraud can’t be challenged by the RNC.
    The Republican Party made an agreement 30 years ago with the Democrat Party NOT to ensure voting integrity and NOT to pursue suspected vote fraud

    Please read the following article and Share!!!!

    • wheels

      Now you know the rest of the story and why Demoncats are so dead set against voter ID. This shows why, as individuals show they are so dishonest, voter ID is so important!!!

    • John

      Unfortunately this agreement has been back in court 10 times and it keeps going before the original 88 year old judge or the democrat held appellate court. The damn thing has now been extended until 2017! Until it’s vacated we can’t do anything to improve the security of votes without prior approval of the judge. I don’t know who was in charge of the RNC when this was signed, but the term idiot comes to mind.

    • SClark

      900 votes in a 7 voter precinct could not possibly be done through voter fraud. It could be done by election fraud, however. A lot of people who should don’t seem to know the difference.

  • Richard Beck

    i am a registered democrat (i align with 72% of their platform) but more in line with libertarian (i align 78% with their platform) than either democrat or republican (i align 64% with the gop platform) policy

    i don’t always agree with a. west…but i don’t have to agree with a person to know they have character and that might be more important than agreeing

    losing a. west in active politics is a loss to america

  • Joseph DeLuna

    “WeThe People” Will Support Allen West!

  • Billy Shelby

    This voter fraud from the left has got to stop. If not. Things may be bein settled with ballots now, but the settlement with bullets is not far behind.

  • Kurt O’Brien