Sign the Petition: Elect Congressman Paul Ryan Speaker Of The House

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We the undersigned hereby urge our Republican members of congress to elect Congressman Paul Ryan Speaker Of The House on the first day of the new congress.

We’d like to thank Speaker John Boehner for his service to the 112th Congress but due to the re-election of president Barack Obama we feel the House of Representatives is in need of new, stronger leadership, someone who can and will stop the tide of big government and new taxes proposed by the Obama administration and stand as a firewall to continued barrage of overbearing federal regulation.

We believe Congressman Paul Ryan to be the right choice to lead the 113th Congress of the United States.

A former U.S.Marine, he is the Creator of The Minority Report Network. He is also the Founder and Managing Editor of the Network’s flagship site,, Former Director of New Media for, Former Director of New Media for Liberty First PAC, and the Former Chief Managing Editor of Steve is a well respected national conservative blogger who’s dedicated the past several years of his life advancing conservatism online. Recently Steve was instrumental in the development of, Liberty First PAC, The Patriot Caucus, the national campaign trail and grassroots news

  • Miguel A Trevino


  • Carla Trussell

    Boehner has proven he is too weak to be leader.

  • Kathy

    Paul Ryan would be an effective Speaker.

  • Donna Fallis

    John Boehner is nothing more than a RINO and has not served his duty. Please make a change!!

  • Jenna


  • scott Mills

    Not to start a Cleansing with new Blood, and fresher Ideas

  • Crista McDonough

    We NEED better leaders on our side, and he’s one of the best! C’mon! We have to make this happen!

  • http://wisconsonreporter julie sossaman

    yes would be great

  • Marlin Olson

    I want someone there that can be just as tough as Reid ,get right back in his face and make him tap out

  • karen priddy

    Paul ryan would be an excellent speaker!

  • Gary Grant

    Please put Paul Ryan in charge. We need a REAL Republican, not a Rhino.

  • Beverly krause

    I believe Paul Ryan will make a positive difference for the American people. Please help make him speaker of the house.

  • Jill Davis

    I believe Paul Ryan is better able to express the conservative point of view. He is a strong speaker who can show the American People what is being considered and the results.

  • Shannon Sieger

    We need stronger leadership! These are desperate time.

  • Bridget Bosworth

    I think Mr Ryan would add a lot to this position. We need new honest people in there.

  • Phillip Towle

    will support Mr. Ryan 100%.

  • Renee Lopez

    Mr. Ryan would make a fabulous Speaker of the House!

  • http://facebook Diana

    Paul Ryan would be a excellent Speaker of the House!! We certainly need stronger leadership.We need someone whos not a pushover,or a coward.

  • micah smith

    Clean house in the gop. Currently they aren’t effective and they need a canidate for 2016.

  • bec small

    We need a fresh start in our House. The current leader is ineffective.

  • Ernest Gehring

    Please we need to save the republic

  • Rick Richards

    I 100% support Ryan for Speaker.

  • Eyvonne Hall

    Ryan is what we need at this time to deal with the Obama administration.Passiveness don’t work.

  • Deborah Patten

    Paul Ryan would make a great leader and may actually accomplish something in that position.

  • Andrea Stanley

    I concur. We need Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.

  • Alice Curtis

    Please elect Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.

  • John Nixdorf

    Ryan/Palin 2016 WOOO Praise God! Put the moochers in their place!

  • Tami Lantz

    Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House of Representatives!

  • Gregory Johnson

    We cannot keep doing what we have done yet expect different results.

  • Lissa Price-Moore

    I agree he would be an effective speaker of the house.

  • Teresa Fox

    Conviction not concession!

  • mike denardo

    make Paul Ryan speaker of the house.

  • Julie Heise


  • Tanner Krause

    Paul Ryan is a leader and will bring us back to fiscal sanity if he is not blocked by obama and his corrupt supreme court justices.

  • shane jewison

    Yes, do this!

  • Patti Williams

    I think he would be good.

  • Patrick Nelson

    I’m in

  • James McEnanly

    We need someone who will follow the Constitution, not act as a door mat

  • Wallace j Knight

    I want Paul Ryan for Speaker of The House

  • Miriam Vera

    Its time for a change. We the People believe that Paul Ryan would be the best man to represent us in the House. We would like him to replace the current speaker.

  • Lori Beaty

    Mr. Boehner, it’s time for real leadership. Please step aside and let WE THE PEOPLE have REAL representation.

  • Dianna Frazor

    I vote for Ryan

  • http://facebook DIXIE PROHOROFF

    We need a better leader in the house.

  • Olen Cannon

    Much rather have Ryan or West as Speaker!

  • Cassie Crill

    This man should have been our VP but now he has another chance to make a difference!

  • Jesse Jenkins

    He is an excellent choice.

  • Jesse Jenkins

    Paul Ryan would make an excellent choice for Speaker of the House.

  • Frances Appleton

    Where do I sign??
    I’m all in!!

  • Stephen Blair

    A very welcome improvement.

  • warren trammell

    good idea!!!

  • Chadwick Darryl Woodman

    Pelosi is bad for this country

  • Jennifer C Call

    Ryan for President 2016

  • Michael Niemyer

    God Bless Paul Ryan!! Keep up the good work for us PATRIOT!!!

  • Kim Michael

    Paul Ryan would be a fantastic speaker of the house- polite, pragmatic and educated… everything this country needs.

  • Patricia Stanton

    I would like to see Paul Ryan become the next Speaker of the House of Representatives. I feel he is best qualified and would be outstanding.

  • Mark Bomark

    Ryan for speaker!

  • Katrina Kristinat

    Remove Boehner. We need a warrior now. We need Paul Ryan!

  • gary dunn sr.

    stop trying to play the moderate and come out swingin with both fists….. geeesshhhh

  • A.Thies

    If I had wanted to comment I would have done so first go round.House of Representatives hammer down!

  • Anonymous

    God Bless Paul Ryan!

  • amber miller

    Paul Ryan!

  • Lynn Bateman

    About time we had a budget!

  • trena


  • Penny Radecker

    Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House!

  • Shelley Kresan

    I am sick to death of John Boehner. Let’s get someone in who will actually speak for us and get something done.

  • Timothy Taylor

    John Boehner has been a miserable failure as Speaker of the House. Remove him immediately, before he raises taxes, and caves on spending. Paul Ryan as speaker!!!

  • David Joseph Flickinger

    Paul has my support

  • Ken Kissinger

    Paul Ryan for House Speaker!

  • http://Facebook Michaeal Allen

    I agree make Paul Ryan Speaker of the house

  • Charles Bernat

    Boehner is a RINO…..

  • elaine eckart

    we sure can use a serious leader.

  • Roena

    We need Paul Ryan NOW.

  • Catherine McCullough

    Impeach her

  • Larry Jackson

    I agree Ryan for speaker.

  • Jessica Toomey

    Fully agree with this

  • Vera Harrall

    Please! Give us a tiny shred of hope!!!!!!

  • Kimberly

    Paul Ryan!!!

  • robert c hall usn ret

    He HAS to get into this office. It’s not an option. Pelosi has to go, and I don’t care WHERE she goes, as long as she just GOES!

  • Brian McKeever

    Ryan for speaker!!!!!!!!

  • Lee Haines

    We need a Speaker who will advance and defend a strong fiscal conservative position against the tax and spend liberals. Paul Ryan is the man for that job. He did not make it to become second in-line to be President, but we can sure put him into third place now.

  • Don Townsend

    God Bless Paul Ryan and God Bless the Future of America!!

  • David Shotts

    He will get things done, that need to be done now !

  • http://Highway41AntiqueEmporium Francine Esposito

    Paul Ryan over Pelosi any day.

  • Terry Smith

    I would love to see Paul Ryan as speaker of the House. We MUST NOT capitulate to Obama! NO new taxes! NO marxist policy!

  • Susan Connor

    We need a speaker with backbone who will not be coerced into folding.

  • Anonymous

    Please for once LISTEN to the AMERICAN people.

  • Lewis S. Mills Jr.

    We want paul ryan as the speaker of the house

  • David Grubb

    I believe in Paul Ryan

  • Michele K. Warneck

    I Feel John Boehner is selling out the GOP I would love to see Ryan Speaker of the house

  • Susan Horensky-Star

    Paul someone has to be responsible for us!

  • Dennis Ward

    Let’s get rid of the crybaby, Ryan won’t bow to the fraud-in-chief.

  • Wayne Norris

    Speaker beohner, you haven’t done the job we sent you there to do. It’s time to go! We ask you put in new leadership immediately and call on Paul Ryan to lead the house.

  • Amanda Belge

    Paul Ryan should be Speaker of the House.

  • Patricia Planck

    Can’t emphasize enough how much we need someone like Paul Ryan to end the reign of stupidity.

  • Maureen Knapp

    Thank God,She needs to go.Bad news.

  • Heather Gasbarro


  • Heidi Wood

    I believe we need a stronger house leader! We cannot bend and let tax hikes happen!!

  • Melinda Wolfe

    John Boehner gets no thanks from me, but yes, let’s give Paul Ryan the position of Speaker.

  • Brenda Mudrack

    Impeach Nancy Pelosi, she hasn’t done anything for the people anyway. Make Paul Ryan Speaker of the House. At least do that much for the people.

  • Sarah Kubick

    I want him speaker of the house!

  • Terry Adams

    We really need someone who will stand up to Obama and the Dems.

  • pat pokorney

    Paul ryan is definitely the man for the job…

  • Zach Harwood

    Get it done Ryan!

  • Clay Bartley

    Paul Ryan would make an Excellent Speaker of the House….on the Road Hopefully to the White House Someday Very very Sooon..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael J. Bonome

    Paul Ryan will make an excellent Speaker of the House !!!

  • Benjamin David Stanaland Sr.

    This can not continue, Obama administration must be held responsible it lawlessness. It is time for a change, that change must come NOW!

  • Robert Martin

    Boehner doesn’t have the scrote to do this job. We need a strong leader that will hold the communists’ feet to the fire to do what’s RIGHT for The People.

  • Theresa J. Henry

    He would be wonderful in that position. God bless you Paul Ryan hope you get the position.

  • Megan Welch

    Please elect Paul Ryan the speaker of the house.

  • Chris P.

    Win Paul Ryan, win!

  • Brittany Prater

    Love him!! Romney should have WON!

  • Jill Allen

    Ryan has my support.

  • Caryn Fox

    I will keep my guns, money and religion…. out with the “hope and change.” “Move forward” Odumbo…. right out of the WHITE House….

  • F.L McElroy

    John Boehner is not getting it done and we need solid leadership not more of the same!!

  • Kelly Swart

    It’s time for true conservative leadership.

  • Bill Horner

    I am a registered Conservative who always votes Republican but I would like to see Paul Ryan made speaker of the house because he is convicted to his values and core beliefs, he is aware of the issues facing the country and he is not afraid to stand up and speak out. The Republicans desperately need to start embracing us Conservatives and quit bending over for the Democrats and trying to appease the moderates. By doing that and forgetting about us Conservatives you are leaving us very little choice but to start a major third party that can compete with both Democrats and Republicans so our values and beliefs can be preserved as well as our voices heard and our wants focused on. Both major parties swap power back and forth like it is a football game and could care less about the people who voted for candidates and sent them into office. Republicans MUST adopt the Ronald Reagan plan for the party by painting with a broad brush and bright colors of what the party is and what it represents. I want to purge the party of liberals and appeasers and elevate men and women with guts and backbone to stand up to the socialists and marxists ruining our great Republic. I think Paul Ryan is that strong voice and will look out for real Americans. Consider Allen West for a high ranking position too. This is a great American that needs to be thrust out there with his ideas as well.

  • http://Facebook Susan Walker

    Mitt also should have a High Position in our Government, as well as Paul Ryan.
    Mitt Romney, should have been elected as our President he has the experience that America needs to dig out of this mess.

  • Richard M. Flanary, Jr.

    This evil in the White House must be confronted daily. The current Republican “go along” leadership needs to get the hell out of the way.

  • Jessica Bear

    Yes! I would love to see this happen!

  • L. E. La Rue

    Nothing against John Boehner but we need Paul Ryan as Speaker.

  • Larry La Rue

    Nothing against John Boehner but we need Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.

  • Ruth Hunt

    We need Paul to keep control of Obama , and to proceed with the conservative plan to correct the economy.

  • Sharon Taylor

    I think he would make a fine speaker and at least he will understand the numbers.

  • Dixie Renee Whitt


  • cathy romine

    Signing petition for Ryan

  • Carol Norby

    We need someone with common sense!

  • Tammie Berzett

    PLEASE put Paul in as Speaker!!!!!!!!!!!! We HAVE to have someone that has the gumption to make the right calls and NOT be so dang wishywashy. Boehner is KILLING ME.

  • Chelsea L Mantei

    Ryan would make a fantastic Speaker of the House. He is someone the people can put their trust into, and know that he is helping make good decisions for our future. He is a no nonsense politician and won’t back down from a fight, just because his ideas are unpopular. God bless Paul Ryan, keep up the good work.

  • Linda S

    I would like to see Paul Ryan become the next Speaker of the House of Representatives

  • Marlen Flamig

    I think Paul Ryan would make an excellent Speaker of the House

  • Linda S

    I would like to see Paul Ryan become the next Speaker of the House

  • Janet Hohn

    Paul Ryan – for President ~ 2016

  • Brad L. Bolton

    I’d like to second that motion. Nothing personal to the current Speaker, just that if we are going to take a firm stand against tyranny, we need to stand behind one of our strongest leaders. One with the most Knowles on the biggest crisis of the day, the budget.

  • http://facebook Emma Brown

    We need someone like Paul Ryan who will stand up for our rights, and not just sit back and do nothing as Boehner has been doing! Paul Ryan cares about America and will stand up and do whatever he can for us..he will do all in his power to stop Big Govt.!

  • Brian Haynes

    We the people demand that the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT shall stop the BIG government controll and oppresion it holds on the AMERICAN people.

  • Kathi Glomb

    He would be a great addition. Good luck Paul.

  • Julia Hobert

    We need someone who will be the voice of fiscal conservatism.

  • stephanie gonos

    John Boehner does not have the backbone to stand up to the Dems. We need a new speaker — Paul Ryan.

  • Timothy Towne

    He is the most brilliant Congressman in our govt.

  • Kathy Yost

    OMG!! I would LOVE this!!!

  • Vlad Spivak

    This needs to happen immediately!

  • Anonymous

    I welcome Ryan as speaker of the house!

  • Vickie D Payne

    PAUL RYAN IS A TRUE LEADER who cares deeply about our great nation!!!! It is time for TRUE AMERICAN LEADERS TO BE ALLOWED TO LEAD. Paul Ryan has proved himself, time & time again!

  • Brad Thomas

    Please! And show backbone this time around!

  • Robert A. Payne, Jr

    Paul Ryan has more than proven his ability to lead & his love of this nation!

  • Kyndal E. Payne

    Paul Ryan is a true leader & just what we need @ this time in our nation.

  • Kevin Person

    Boehner Has to GO, Paul You Got My Vote

  • tony

    She should be replaced and tried for treason just like obamma

  • Karen Thompson

    I have been following Paul Ryan for years not and he is the type of conservative we need leading the House.

  • A. Converse

    Good choice

  • Marcia Dalene Smith


  • Bruce Backer

    We need Ryan as Speaker!

  • Kim Turner

    Paul Ryan speaker of the house!

  • karen parker

    heck yea!!!

  • Cathy Schiffman

    I like John Boehner as a person, but he is too soft on the Dems!! We need some guts! No guts–no glory!

  • Colman Love

    I Want to see Paul Ryan as speaker of the house. We need principled leadership in the house these next 4 years!

  • Melissa Johnson

    We need Paul Ryan for speaker of the house but we really need him as vp

  • Valerie Hooker

    God please help us.

  • Jon Durica

    Go Ryan

  • http://aol tim sturgeon

    i agree we need someone stronger in there

  • neil johnston rouse 2nd

    if the orange man cooperates with the dictator one iota he needs to be recalled in humiliation. we don’t need a cry baby enabler. we need ryan.

  • J. L. Duckworth

    Spread the word!

  • Jason Richardson

    Ryan for speaker.

  • Anonymous


  • texasbirdgirl

    Speaker John Boehner has forgotten who he works for, he this he is employed by the President. He is employed by his constituents, we did not vote for him to sell us out!
    We did not vote for him to sell us out, to compromise.
    “Morality is a code of black and white. When and if men attempt a compromise, it is obvious which side will necessarily lose and which will necessarily profit.”
    ― Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness

  • mary Hayes

    God Bless You!!

  • Jon & Jett H.

    Boehner refuses to man-up and therefore needs to step down! How dare he speak for we, the people, saying we’re ready to be led. Like hell, we’ll NEVER follow EVIL.

  • Gaetana Mignosi

    I vote for Paul to be Speaker of the HOUSE…

  • Reed A. Lowe

    We are ready for Change

  • Rhonda Bush

    Ryan would be a better negotiator than Boehner is. He’s smart, understands the math and we know where he stands on the issues we’re concerned about. He would represent us well.

  • ryan mcintyre

    Ryan for president 2016

  • Anonymous

    laugh out loud

  • Phil Edgley

    I’m sure Paul Ryan would much rather be the next Speaker of the House than Vice-President.

  • Buddie Morris III

    I sign the petition

  • debbie guymon

    It is time for a change. Someone who will not cave

  • Virginia L. Selby

    Boehner definitely needs to be removed from the leadership position – he has already acquiesced to Obama.

  • Karen Bartlett

    Time for Boehner to go! This capitulation on issues has to be stopped! We need a true conservative like Paul Ryan to keep the issues in line with our values.

  • Misti


  • merardo macal

    his the one man with the cojones/////

  • Kenneth lee Jeffries Jr

    Time to get somebody who has the balls to get tough in the WH and do something about the big Gov ! Paul Ryan can do that people speaker of the house would be perfect for him .

  • Katie Todd

    Paul Ryan yes please

  • Jessica Long

    Bring it Ryan we need you!

  • Jeremy Johnson

    PLEASE run Paul Ryan. Time to ditch the suck-up traitor, John Boehner. Get his squirmy, cowardice, traitorous, weak ASS OUT OF OUR HOUSE!!!

  • michele sullivan

    For America

  • Donna Molina

    They need help Paul can do the job

  • Glenn Arnold

    Good man.

  • Carol L McGuinn

    Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House.

  • Lyn Pallock

    Now, more than ever, we need strong men of courage and character who aren’t afraid to do what is right! I think Paul Ryan is a great choice.

  • joshua Holmes

    We need tough leadership in the house to stop the Obama agenda and to cut funding of Obamacare!

  • James MacLean

    FIRE BOEHNER, NOW!!! If you ever want me to vote Republican again, this must be done.

  • Robert Dugas

    Paul Ryan / Condoleezza Rice 2016!!



  • John Walter Burris, Jr.

    He would be the best man for the job. Boehner needs to go.

  • Amy Bennett

    I want Paul Ryan to be the speaker of the house.

  • Barry Watts

    Ryan would make a Great Speaker…

  • Brian Dunn

    Sounds like a great idea!!

  • Emily gonzales

    ANYONE but Nancy!!!!

  • Michael

    Ryan for Speaker of the House.

  • Pamela Wolforth

    Paul Ryan for speaker of the house.

  • Pamela Wolforth

    Paul Ryan for speaker of the house!

  • Kathleen Barley

    Paul Ryan stand up for CONSERVATIVES!

  • James R Sherman

    God Bless Paul Ryan and Conservative Values!!!

  • William Meder

    Time for Boehner to go!

  • Rebekah legates

    God Bless you !!

  • Mark Steinberger

    We need much stronger leadership than Boehner has provided.

  • Michael Joyce

    We need someone that can save this country !

  • caroline schaefer

    God bless this country…we need a good man that knows what he’s doing, smart too. Too bad we didn’t get Romney…

  • Kimberly Zappia

    Please elect Paul Ryan speaker of the house.

  • Gina delos Santos


  • Michelle Longtin

    We need fiscal Conservative leaders!

  • http://fb Brenda Turner

    Im all for it

  • Kelly Barnes

    Yes, Please elect Paul Ryan as speaker of the house. We need the strong leadership, and I do not believe that Boehner will stand firm against the democratic push to raise taxes while increasing social spending. Let the time bombs they have set go off, force Obama to use executive order to stop it and then force them to take accountability for their actions.

  • stepheny

    Lets make this right fir the future generations!

  • http://Facebook Amanda Garman

    We love and stand behind Paul Ryan!

  • jason griffin

    Conservative please

  • Kuan

    Ryan should have run for President.

  • Desiree L. Mantz

    As a registered voter and supporter of the Republican party, I hereby wish to express my desire for Congress to elect Congressmen, Paul Ryan, as Majority Speaker of the House of Representatives on the first day of the 113 Congress session.

  • Vicki Sweet

    Elect Congressman Ryan Speaker of the House!!

  • Patricia Fusco

    If he can’t be in the VP set… He belongs in the Speaker’s seat!

  • Courtney Fontenot

    We need Ryan in office!

  • Susien Sugeng


  • Art Wheatcraft

    As a Diisabled Vietnam Veteran I believe need people in Washington that will stand for conservative values

  • Tamber Garcia

    God bless Paul Ryan! God save America!

  • Lisa A

    Thank you Mr. Boehner for your service, but we’re in major financial trouble and you aren’t doing enough to repair it. You had your chance. Paul Ryan has the experience for the job!

  • Patrick Austin

    I would like Rep. Ryan to be our next Speaker of the house.

  • Mansie McLaughlin

    We need stronger leadership. God be with us in our fight for freedom.

  • http://Facebook James Richardsson

    We the undersigned hereby urge our Republican members of congress to elect Congressman Paul Ryan Speaker Of The House on the first day of the new congress.

  • Anabel silva

    Yes for Mr.Ryan ! GOD Bless family value’s and moral’s ..we need some one like Paul Ryan a conservative person !!

  • Margaret E Brinkman

    Ryan NOW

  • Chari Armlin

    Just saw a video of a man in court today. Saying under oath, he made a program that rigg the voting machines. This must be exposed!!!!

  • Tammy Black

    definitely need new leadership!

  • Mary singer

    Signed and agree

  • Patricia Mayo

    Congressman Paul Ryan should be elected speaker of the house without delay. RINO John Boehner is a sellout; American patriots no longer believe or trust him to do what’s in the best interests of our country.
    God Bless the USA!!

  • Lisa De Mello


  • Michele Lowrey

    Heck YES!

  • john weyer

    Liberals are like cancer to our country. America is dying slowly!

  • David Pozniak

    Paul Ryan truly cares about this country… he’s exactly what we need to preserve our nation!
    I’m just another patriot bitterly clinging to my guns, my religion, and our CONSTITUTION!!

  • Wendy

    We need stronger leadership to speak up for us!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Amen! We need Conservative PAUL RYAN to speak on our behalf in the house!!!

  • http://theminorityreportblog patrick johnsen

    Beohner must go! Paul Ryan won’t buckle to any dictators.

  • Felicia Abegglen

    We need strong willed people to stand up to what has become the demoralizing democrate party. He won’t stray from our values and. allow them to take down our country!

  • Mark Schwartz

    Boeyner must go.

  • Toby Matherne

    Paul Ryan for speaker if the house!

  • DeAnna DeMarco

    We NEED Paul Ryan!!

  • Beth Keister

    Time for someone with good old fashioned common business sense to lead the house!

  • Charlie Denney

    Make paul ryan speaker of the house

  • Veronica Vanderlofske

    Yes God Bless Paul Ryan



  • http://Theminorityreport Cindy Bruder

    John Boehner is the wrong representation, too weak, we need someone like Ryan to stand up and fight for us!

  • Anonymous

    He would be the BEST choice for a better country. SOMEONE has to keep the demo-nazi-libby-pigs in check!

  • Jennifer McKay

    I vote for Paul Ryan

  • Courtney Beene

    We need stong leadership!

  • http://Facebook Dessen

    I am Dessen Miller and I approve this message!

  • Lydia Hart

    We believe Congressman Paul Ryan to be the right choice to lead the 113th Congress of the United States.

  • Mark Theiss

    We need this man at the forefront of the house!!

  • Mike Highsmith

    Elect Ryan sooner rather than later. Lets get this done.

  • Amanda

    Values are important!

  • Anonymous

    At least we’ll get someone who actually cares about the country…

  • Kim

    God bless Paul Ryan!

  • Sherry D Goodlett

    GOD Bless America

  • vickie campbell

    I did not vote Republican so a Bonner could have a job. I voted Republican to have my views represented and my liberties protected. Speak to that Bonner.

    • Keith Jenkins

      Your comment might carry a bit more weight if you spelled the man’s name correctly.

  • Brent Moffitt

    Paul Ryan for speaker of the house!

  • Benjamin E. Visher

    Save America!

  • Melissa Snow

    Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House!

  • Lisa Isenberg

    I demand a presidential re-count !!!!

  • Keith Thompson

    After Rep. Boehner’s statements following the reelection of Obama to 4 more years of occupying the White House, I have lost any semblance of confidence in him to be Speaker of the House. There are just some things you don’t compromise on.

  • Cindy Lunde

    Boehner has caved on tax hikes and he will do it again, against the will of those who elected him. We need to cut wasteful spending! I strongly support Paul Ryan to take over as Speaker of the House.

  • http://Facebook Phillip Lopez

    I want Boehner gone. Hdoesn’t have a backbone. Im tired of pandering. Paul Ryan is the man for the job.

  • Bettye Clark

    Paul Ryan for Speaker!

  • Dianne Burnett

    Yup, he should have been VP, but we’ll take him for sure as Speaker of the House!

  • Tracy R Beattie

    Time for a change!

  • Harvey

    Put him in.

  • John Chisolm

    Ryan for speaker

  • Andrew Virgilio

    We need a strong, brilliant person to be Speaker of the House; Paul Ryan is that person.

  • Sue Scheopner

    Please keep up the good fight, Congressman Ryan !

  • Dennis D

    Paul Ryan was the only reason worth voting in this election

  • Peggy

    Go Paul!

  • rON bUSSER

    Boehner helped make this upcoming, long, hard road – go Paul Ryan

  • Michelle Sellers

    Stand up for Conservatives! No compromising! Defund Obamacare! Don’t let Benghazi get swept under the run!

  • Teressa Arnette

    Tired of being attacked for my views. Many feel they can just blather about what they want, but if you take exception they get nasty and hateful. Tough to be a Rep right now and not get attacked by the ‘mouths’ that boast, yet can’t or won’t get off the gov’t teat.

  • Patricia Virginia Anzures

    Sign me up, we have to save our country and ALL the liberties that were fought for so many years. God help those of us that get it!

  • theresa

    Yes we need him in there to fight forus!!

  • Russell Shortt

    Time for new and bold leadership.

  • Karen Rodgers

    Please elect Congressman Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House!

  • James Rodgers

    Please elect Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.

  • Francine phillips

    Paul ryan would be a more qualified speaker of the house

  • Anonymous

    Ryan 2016

  • Paul Lasseter

    I support Paul Ryan as the next Speaker of the House

  • Timothy Bowers

    Boehner has no backbone. We can do better.

  • John E Atkins

    John Boehner has failed to lead and follow our directive and use the powers he has been empowered with to stop legislation that is not in the best interest of US the American People or OUR Country and has broken his word and increased the debt ceiling and spending!!! Thus I have no confidence in him and his integrity, morals and leadership and he should be replaced as such with someone who will follow our will and is not afraid to use the power granted and available to them!!!

  • Sophia Protopopov

    God Bless Paul Ryan for having conservative values and standing by them!!!

  • Debra

    Absolutely love Paul Ryan he is the next JFK!!!

  • Kathleen Enstrom

    There is no reason Boehner should continue as Speaker he is weak willed and smarmy … cannot be trusted to be a conservative or have the back bone to really fight for the American people or the Constitution every time you turn around he is caving !!!

  • Peter Fanucchi

    Please elect Congressman Paul Ryan (or Michele Bachmann) Speaker Of The House on the first day of the new congress.

  • Caryn Huizen

    Boehner is part of the problem and it is time for him to GO. Paul Ryan represents conservatives!

  • John Brett Haines

    Boehner has lost his vision AND his SPINE. He is buckling when he should be standing firm. Tax hikes will KILL jobs. We need a pit bull in the House speaking for us. PAUL RYAN all the way!!

  • gina singer

    he’ll be great!

  • Julie Tiberio Young

    Vote for him

  • Donna Hart

    Paul Ryan would be a great Speaker of the House!!

  • David Thrasher

    I’d gladly see him lead the charge to get some sanity in the federal budget!

  • Coby Cope

    I feel the House of Representatives is in need of new, stronger leadership, someone who can and will stop the tide of big government and new taxes proposed by the Obama administration and stand as a firewall to continued barrage of overbearing federal regulation.

  • Tara Crooks

    Let’s do this now…before it’s too late. We need fiscal responsibility and we’re not getting it.

  • Lea Basher

    Go Ryan!!

  • Rebecca Sabroski

    Or Darryl Issa

  • Irene Keanum

    We need honest men in the government. Paul Ryan will be that man.

  • sallianne hansen

    I vote for Paul Ryan!!

  • Mary Battis

    Yes!! Paul Ryan for speaker!

  • Brandon Kennedy

    Paul Ryan should be the new Speaker of the House, hands down!!!

  • Deonne Wallberg

    John Boehner has betrayed every American who believes in the vision of our Founding Fathers. We need someone to stand up for individual responsibility, limited government and sane, rational fiscal reasoning. PLEASE ELECT PAUL RYAN SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE!

  • Diana GRIJALVA

    Paul Ryan has my support 100%


    He could actually get more accomplished as SPEAKER than he could have as Vice President.

  • Stewart Amgwert

    Paul Ryan would be an excellent Speaker!!

  • wayland davis

    We needed him as vice pres. He would be a great speaker of the house I think !

  • Beth Lindsey

    We need him!!

  • http://Facebook William D. Doyle

    J.B. is nothing but a spineless RINO. He has already bowed down to the President and given him a clear path to his Socialistic policies. Heck yes, Ryan as Speaker.

  • Stu Wenkheimer

    Someone with courage – not Boehner.

  • John Taylor

    We need someone with some guts to lead from here on out.

  • eric flaig

    Out with the old, in with the new

  • Johnathan Kane Dewitt

    This is where the road splits, we have reached our point of decision…this nation has taken the wrong path & it will be hard to come back.
    Its time to make a choice, its time to make a stand….it America or Obama, we cant have both.

  • Elizabethy Kirchgatter

    Lord, we NEED him

  • Tony G. Piontek

    He’s a perfect candiate to DO this and inf act he’ll be the right one to do this job.

    When you sa him in the moode he’s the righ guy.

  • judy aregano


  • Curtis Whatley

    Boehner has got to go.

  • Cindy Kappelmann

    He has my vote.

  • Judy Webb

    I vote Paul Ryan.

  • Justin Adair

    Lets kick the old lady out of there.

  • Mr. Robert Carver

    We need Statesmen not politicians. Statesmen seek the best for the preservation of the Republic, Politicians seek what is best for self preservation and damned be the Republic!

  • Lisa Ladner

    Best choice by far!

  • Tonja Wells

    That would be a light in this darkness. I am for this all the way.

  • Laura

    I vote for Paul Ryan!

  • Steve

    Paul Ryan, we need you to stand up as a true conservative! I know you have the guts and the brains to do it! Elect Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House!

  • Carolyn Keffer

    We The People request Congressman Paul Ryan to be Elected Speaker of The House!!!!! He IS the right Choice!!!!

  • A.Gibson

    Yes, Please!!!
    How many signatures do you think it will take to actually go through? Will this make a difference?
    If Obama and Biden would be impeached and convicted, that would make Ryan POTUS!!

  • Jason burt

    We need someone like Paul Ryan in key leadership positions. Smart and principled.

  • Ryan O’Mara

    Please make Paul Ryan the new SOTH!

  • William Jordan

    I voted for the Romney / Ryan ticket and I know that Congressman Paul Ryan would have our back and keep a eye on obama and do all he can to keep us Free and Our Constitution Strong

  • David Atkinson

    We need someone who will stand up to Obama!

  • Robert Luoma

    I am signing the petition to make Paul Ryan the new Speaker of House.

  • Charles Compton

    I can not any longer support those who make a career of “reaching across the aisle”. Paul Ryan or we will vote you OUT.

  • Anonymous

    If we were willing to elect him as our Vice President, surely we should vote him in as our Congressional leader! Paul Ryan is smart, well-spoken, and a worthy adversary who can stand up to the President and Harry Reid. We need Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House!

  • Mark Henry

    Impeach Nancy Pelosi

  • Roberta St Denis

    We need a new speaker. one who will not compromise on things that should NEVER be compromised on. One who is articulate and informed.. Paul Ryan would be great in that position.

  • Rita Freeman


  • Vicky Cullen

    He has the mathematical skills needed to help Barack count debt, etc.

  • Claudine Adams

    Paul Ryan is a great choice!

  • Donald L McGlasson

    I hope it’s not too late for “our country”

  • Ed Hollenbaugh

    I am most concerned about the way John Boehner gives in to President Obama. He seems to have no concern for what the American people really want. We are tired of Obama throwing his temper tantrems and getting what he wants out of Boehner.



  • John Romero

    I would definitely like to see this happen.
    Colorado Republican

  • Chris Cogan

    I vote for Paul Ryan

  • MC Bateman-Fowler

    voting Paul Ryan again…..

  • Dawn Widner

    We need new leadership.

  • Sherri Bowles

    I agree. Impeach nancy

  • steve thimmes

    Who else?

  • roberta degray

    I vote for ryan

  • http://facebook Dennis Pennywell

    I am tired of politicians talking conservative to get where they want to be, then hop in bed with the other side.

  • Marcia E. Hill

    Paul Ryan will not cave into to Obama. He will represent the Conservatives. We need that now more than ever !

  • John Froemel

    We need to start over!!

  • Janice Rakos

    Need a change…..backbone required

  • Gina Blyler

    We need balance and a strong leadership! Who better to be speaker of the house than Paul Ryan!

  • Tiffany Ruth

    I wholeheartedly support the nomination and election of Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.

  • Linda Lanning

    Get rid of Boehner!

  • Anonymous

    Paul Ryan, is the right person for the job, for this season in our country, the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”

  • G Wolfe

    We definitely need Paul Ryan in control…now more than ever.

  • John Paul Rivera

    Hell yes !!!!!!!11

  • Teresa Knepp

    Need the Rep. To exhibit Leadership and Strength!

  • Valerie Gosnell

    I hope this election was a wake-up call for conservatives. We need to take back Washington!!!!

  • Melissa Dixon

    If we don’t put the right people In office that has our country’s best interest at heart instead of their own our children do not stand a chance.

  • Jamie Langlett

    voting for Paul Ryan

  • Mark Langlett

    Lets make some positive out of this mess

  • Diana Cole

    He should run for pres in 2016!!!

  • Julie Haff

    Time for a change

  • Herbert Hickey

    He would make a great Speaker of The House

  • emil voicu

    Yes go Ryan

  • Ellen Eriksson

    We need dependable conservative representation, not someone who is rolling over and playing dead for the liberals like John Boehner is!

  • James Griest

    We need someone who stands for the Constitution and who will really defend it. And we need someone who can bring back our Christian values to our country.

  • Louise Mussienko

    Boehner is a gutless wonder,,,we need to get Paul Ryan in there and hold the line!

  • Jeannine Roughley

    I vote for Paul Ryan!!!

  • Levi Topp

    Paul Ryan for SOH. Boehner needs to go. No more tiptoeing through the tulips to wallow everything the democrats are feeding him.

  • Tracey L Lague-Solow

    Replace Boehner!

  • james ragstole

    please make this happen,we need men with morals to lead this country again

  • Barbara Carter

    I vote for Paul Ryan

  • Margaret Swaim

    We need to finish the job the Tea Party has set about to do. This is part of it.

  • Ryan Farrington

    Ryan for Speaker!!

  • Sharon A Smith

    Paul Ryan is the most qualified Congressman to be Speaker of the House, especially since the Party nominated him as Vice President of the US! Just think, should something happen to the president and v.p., the Speaker would become President of the United States! What congressman would anyone want more than Paul Ryan in that position!!!
    Let’s make this happen, everyone!

  • Joe Kidd

    Paul Ryan should be Speaker of the House!

  • Derek Witt

    Boehner has done nothing but pander to Obama and throwing us Conservatives under the bus.

  • Tina Brenner

    Yes please , what a breath of fresh air Ryan would be !!!!!!

  • Cindi Heng

    Paul is smarter and stronger than the current Speaker. He will stand up to the Democratic bullies.

  • Jacqueline Gordon

    We need Paul Ryan. He is strong & knows economics!

  • Robert Twiss

    Time for John to move over, he’s to soft.

  • Noreen Glennon

    YES I agree to make Paul Ryan the speaker of the house..

  • http://Aol Sharon Linhart

    Time for a new direction in Washington, D.C. Boehner is not the answer for this now.