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New Romney Video: The Moment

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This election is about something bigger than ourselves. This is our time to choose our nation’s future. With Mitt Romney’s leadership, America will come roaring back.

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  1. Pamala Scriber Childress

    Nov 6, 2012 at 7:48 am

    THIS ELECTION IS NOT ABOUT Abortion and other so-called social issues; it is about big government /big brother vs small government /states rights /individual rights as guaranteed by the US Constitution. It is about the security of our great nation vs making us a 3rd world country under the domination of a world order in which we are not even a leader. We would be supporting the United Nations who would totally control our lives and pay taxes for their survival. Where do you think abortion, women’s rights fits into that picture? Woman’s rights would be relegated to a second class citizen as they are in most of the world today. This country is being played by outside sources that we thought we had beat during the Cold War and principles that have failed all over the universe. We are supposed to learn from history , not been forced to repeat the mistakes of the past. Obama leads us further down the road to destruction- if the past 4 years has not proved that to you, you are delusional and the few patriots that are left may not be able to protect you from your damnation by evil dominance. Think pre-World War II , not just a movie. History runs cyclical ; it will repeat itself and is. This is bigger than you and me. May there be a GOD and may he save us all. VOTE!!!!