NC Democrat Says He’s Voted Four Times For Obama Already – Will Vote 5th Time on Election Day

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From Gateway Pundit:

North Carolina Democrat Jim Turner says he voted four times for Barack Obama already.
He’s determined to vote a fifth time for Obama on election day.

Barricuda Brigade says they spoke with the man by phone and he confirmed that he wrote the post.

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  • Pam Stallworth

    If this is true, this man needs to be arrested by the FBI just like the woman out in Nev.

    • Anonymous

      hes not arrested because there are most likely more just like him to ensure Obama gets re-elcted its fixed and no one cares. its politics. until people step un=p and demmand his remmoval nothing will be done

  • Kathy

    Not a very good roll model for his grandchildren, is he? He’s a cheat.

    • Kathy

      wrong role :)


    If he’s just admitted publicly to voter fraud, why is he not in jail?

    • http://facebook Judith Morris McCord

      I can’t believe he has posted this and hasn’t been arrested! However, we have a President that has a father who is not a natural born citizen. So go figure!!

      • Anonymous

        1. The President has to be a natural born citizen, and President Obama has shown sufficient proof that he was.

        2. The parents of the President are not lawfully required to be natural born citizens.

        3. Just FYI, the father of Governor Mitt Romney is not a natural born citizen. He was born in Mexico.

      • Anonymous

        Hahaha mitts dad was born in Mexico in a polygamist cult that’s why he couldn’t run. Genius

        • Mrs. Jones

          Mitt’s father was born in Mexico to two American parents. He had automatic American citizenship because of his parents.

      • Anonymous

        Ha mitts dad was born in Mexico that’s why he couldn’t run for pres, oh yea in a polygamist FLDS compound. Genius

      • susan giovanni

        Hello?? Romney’s father was born in Mexico. So what’s your point? I do believe the fraudulent voter should be arrested asap!

    • Anonymous

      I hope Big Bubba has fun with you in prison! To be allowed to vote should be sacred! Its what makes America what it is. What a role model for your children!

    • TW

      He is a Democrat, thats why he isnt in jail if its true.

  • Robert Furst

    Take a look at his fb page. He posted his comment is lost in cyberspace somewhere. Did some democrat at fb delete his post to protect him? Always amazed that liberals have no morals or ethics when it comes to disagreeing on principals. You can have your opinion..only if you agree with them. I hope NC investigates and his grand children can then visit him in prison. Liar, cheat & fraud he is.


    This guy makes a mockery of the priviledge of voting and that priviledge should be taken away from him. If somebody in law enforcement doesn’t follow up on his statement then they are just as quilty as this clown. And why do you ask are Demoncats so against voter I.D.? DO YOU REALLY NEED TO ASK?

  • Anonymous

    You should spend 12 years in federal prison for each count of voter fraud! Shitheads like you with your mentality are the reason why this former great nation is going down hill and picking up speed everyday.

  • James Savik

    Democrats and voter fraud: since they see themselves as morally superior then they a justified in doing anything they need to do to stay in power. Much like their breathern, the anti-semite socialist Nazis. Their next step on this path is assassination.

  • Sheila Watson

    I find this hard to believe. If he posted this, I think it is a hoax to get a rise out of good, honest people like most of us are.

  • Francis Andrews

    This is as low as it gets. Looks like a normal family right? Nope, criminal should be in jail. He has violated our basic rights, this is how they plan on winning the election. What part of him or his family is proud of this. Hope someone notes it writes down saves it and keeps for his kids. And perhaps a cc to his mom and dad. Bottom feeder, him and his president.

  • Anonymous

    Well, now that he’s admitted it, can’t he be arrested or stopped? That is illegal, unethical, unfair, and just plain wrong!

  • Rodney Galles

    I recommend that the FBI be called and sent to arrest him.

  • Marie Edwards

    I hope this man goes to jail. Not only is he a crook but he is a stupid crook.

    • Anonymous

      It takes 40,000 dollars a year to put someone in jail let’s make hIm just clean up Republican Committee rooms. And toilets

  • Mary Jo Leake

    This is a felony. Why isn’t he under arrest? The Republican woman in Nevada was taken away in handcuffs by the FBI.

  • Anonymous

    You are liar just like Obama and a bad person

  • T Mooney

    Mr. Turner: You are an IDIOT!!

  • Millie Markoff

    This is the ONLY WAY OBAMA CAN GET REELECTED.He is the LEADER OF VOTER FRAUD and that is why they DON’T want Photo ID’s

  • Pat Fucile

    He’s whining that a post he put on one his friends page is missing and that is a conspiracy b. Since I don’t see this post on his page or his friends page, I’m guess this is the post that is missing. He thinks he made some bold statement instead of a statement admitting he committed a felony. I hope you turned the post over the the authorities.

  • Deborah Holohan
  • Ferengi

    Has anyone called the election baord in NC or any of the representitives from the area to investigate this to see if it is true. I am in CA so I have a call in to my congressman. There is a congressman Walter Jones that represents some of Pine Knoll Shores at 1-252-931-1003. I’m going to call Monday morning myself. Others should do the same. Voting is a sacred right given by God and those who sacrificed for our freedoms to do so. If this is true this man spat in the face of every person who served this country.

    • wheels

      And he looks so proud of himself sitting on the front stoop with
      his family. Lets see if he looks just as proud after he has spent a few nights in a jail cell with BIG BUBBA who will have him bent over a bunk whispering in his ear, ” You Mine Now, Bitch”!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve contacted the local offices of the Republican Party in North Carolina, as well as the Charlotte, NC office of the FBI and alerted them that this man has committed 4 felony counts of voter fraud and openly admits his intent to commit a 5th on Tuesday. I encourage ALL Americans, regardless of party, to do the same. If “We The People” refuse ANY rule of law, Constitutional or otherwise, then we are a completely dead country. The will of the people MUST be fairly, and accurately represented. I will not stand by and watch my freedom diminished, or stolen by another fool!

    • just want to know

      And what was their answer

  • Joseph Boell
  • Anonymous

    So who is going to prosecute this man. It’s illegal to cast more than a single vote. He should get his one vote, and a felony charge for the others.

    Sad for Obama that he needs others to commit crimes to help him win an election. There’s a great lesson to teach his grand daughter.

  • Rocker

    Typical Dem, lie, steal, cheat, and murder…..GO TO JAIL, GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL AND DO NOT COLLECT $200 DOLLARS PASSING GO

    Then rot there scumbag……

    • Susan Giovanni

      Stating that this criminal activity is “typical of a Dem” is a slap in the face to your fellow Americans who dare to disagree with you politically. It is known that this will be a close race, so now it’s already planned that a Romney defeat will be blamed on cheating Democrats? That’s what children do when they lose.

      • Rob

        So, in order to ensure what he thinks is “right,” it’s okay to break the law?!?
        What an idiot!
        Not only did he do something unethical and illegal–but was dumb enough to post it online.

        • wheels

          Nobody said liberals THINK correctly!!!!!