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#MESen Update: Angus King’s advantage in the Maine Senate race is down to 3.5% & King has been caught misleading voters



In Maine, Matthew Gagnon writes for the Bangor Daily News on the NRSC’s internal polling that shows just how increasingly close the race in Maine is.  Well, would you look at that.  According to the latest poll from GS Strategy Group, a poll conducted for the NRSC, Angus King’s advantage in the Maine Senate race is down to 3.5%.  The current race stands at 37% for King, 33.5% for Summers, and 17% for Dill…However, this same pollster conducted a poll in early September which showed the race as an 11% advantage for King, 44-33-11, respectively.  That is generally in the same vicinity as other pollsters have been showing in the same time period… King completely blowing his lead will only be deadly for his campaign if Summers can somehow improve and get in the high 30s or low 40s. Even a marginal increase in his support would make this race dead even, or even give Summers an advantage.


  • Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that Angus King has been caught, once again, misleading voters – this time about his tax rate.  Republicans on Tuesday accused King, a self-made millionaire, of using a methodology that understated his income to make it seem as though he was paying a greater share of taxes. King computed his rate based on taxable income “after deductions and loopholes, artificially lowering his gross income and effectively raising his perceived tax rate,” David Sorensen, spokesman for the Maine Republican Party, wrote in a statement.


  • Key quoteBob Williams at the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center in Washington said the best standard is total income. Barring that, the best measure of income on a tax return is the adjusted gross income used by Romney.  “What King did is not right. What King did is overstate his taxes, potentially by a lot,” Williams said.


  • Further, Roll Call writes on how King as early as last week chided negative advertising and then this week went up with a negative ad attacking Charlie SummersIndependent Senate candidate Angus King has made a $105,000 ad buy in Maine painting Republican opponent Charlie Summers as too conservative for the state… The negative ad, however, is a shift in approach for King, who as recently as last week tweeted, “Negative ads distract from the real issues in the campaign like energy, health care and jobs.”
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