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Dean Heller Announces 125 Co-Chairs For The Juntos Con Heller Coalition #NVSen




(Las Vegas, NV) – Today Heller for Senate announced 125 Co-Chairs of the Juntos Con Heller Coalition, a group of business leaders and volunteers that have thrown their support behind Dean Heller in the race for the U.S. Senate. These individuals are part of a growing team that is spearheading outreach to the Hispanic community and beyond.

“Today Nevadans are uniting together to unlock the potential that this great state has to offer for our children and grandchildren. Creating jobs, growing our economy, empowering individuals, and providing quality education for our children are just a few of the principles that are bringing us together. I’m thankful to the Co-Chairs of the Juntos Con Heller Coalition and all members of the Juntos Con Heller Coalition for their support. The contributions and hard work of these individuals are absolutely critical to our path to victory in November,” said Dean Heller.

“Dean Heller will be a fantastic Senator. He will worker harder than anyone else to make our lives better. His experience and his knowledge will no doubt benefit all Nevadans,” said Blanca Buonomo, North American Financial.

“Right now, spending is out of control. I am confident that Dean Heller will continue to be fiscally conservative as he stands up for what is best for Nevada in the U.S. Senate. We share values that encourage individuals and communities help take Nevada back and restore our state to better times. We need a conservative like Dean Heller in the Senate,” said Maria Caminero, Cuban House of Culture.

“I support Dean Heller because he wants to help make Nevada a better place to live, no matter who you are, what you do or how you vote. His priorities are in line with what we need here in Nevada—to turn our economy around and help people find jobs. Dean Heller is the best person to serve our state,” said Elizabeth Gallagher, Gallagher Group International.

“Under the Obama Administration, unemployment and foreclosures have hit the Hispanic community harder than any other group. Dean Heller has a strong record fighting to create jobs and give individuals the power to succeed so all of our communities can grow and prosper. Dean Heller is good for the Hispanic community and for all of Nevada,” said Alex Garza, Vice President, Hispanics in Politics.

“Senator Heller is a great supporter of the Hispanic community. He has always been there for us when we’ve needed him,” said Noah Herrera, Platinum Asset Management.

“I’ve worked hard to grow my businesses, but it hasn’t been easy. As a business owner and a franchisor, I support Dean Heller because he fights for policies that will allow businesses to grow and hire more people. He understands the challenges small businesses like mine face and will work hard to help create the jobs that so many people need,” said Reynaldo Robledo, Roberto’s Taco Shops.

Included among the 125 Co-Chairs for the Juntos Con Heller Coalition are leaders from the real estate, restaurant, medical, law enforcement, and retail industries and students.

For more information about Dean Heller and the Juntos Con Heller Coalition, please visit

Co-Chairs of the Juntos Con Heller Coalition:[list type=”arrow”] [li]

  • Stacey Acevedo
  • Freddy Aldana
  • Noemi Aleman
  • Patricia Amunategui
  • David Arce
  • Clelie Arroyo
  • Phil Avila
  • Esau Barajas
  • Lorenzo Barajas
  • Michael Baron
  • Douglas Barrera
  • Blanca Buonomo
  • Joe Caldera
  • Maria Caminero
  • Rosalinda Carrillo
  • Don Chairez
  • Marina Chairez
  • Adan Chairez
  • Jose Chairez
  • Daniel Cruz
  • Anita Cruz
  • Rosalba Cuadra
  • Victoria De La Guerra
  • Roman Del Pozo
  • Laurel Del Pozo
  • Jose Del Real
  • Jesse Diaz
  • Raquel Dittman
  • Jose Dominguez
  • Saul Dominguez
  • Tibi Ellis
  • David Espinosa
  • Gary Estrada
  • Elmer Eubanks
  • Jesse Fonseca
  • Yamile Gaez
  • Elizabeth Gallagher
  • Roberto Garcia
  • Kathleen Garcia
  • Maria Garcia
  • Moises Garcia
  • Felipe Garcia Mendez
  • Alex Garza
  • Santiago Gonzalez
  • Andres Gonzalez
  • Antonio Guitierrez
  • Irma Guitierrez
  • Salvador Guitierrez
  • Jesse Gutierrez
  • Flor Hernandez
  • Estella Hernandez
  • Noah Herrera
  • Martha Hiers
  • Martha Jarvis
  • Mariana Lopez
  • Marlon Lopez
  • Hector Lopez
  • Uriel Lopez
  • Armando Lopez
  • Francisco Lopez
  • Thomas Lopez
  • Victor Lopez
  • Carmen Mahan
  • Juan Manuel
  • Gordon Martines
  • Manny Martinez
  • Juan Martinez
  • Patricia Medina Gonzalez
  • Patrick Mendez
  • Eric Mendoza
  • Guadalupe Mendoza
  • Aurora Mendoza
  • James Miranda
  • Elyse Monroy
  • Juan Mora
  • Eduardo Morales, Jr
  • Olga Naccari
  • Braulio Nava
  • Beatriz Navarro
  • Maria Navarro
  • Ana Orellana
  • Marina Ortiz
  • Federico Ortiz
  • Silvano Ortiz
  • Enrique Padina
  • Alfonso Penales
  • Miguel Peralta
  • Sergio Perez
  • Merced Perez
  • Maria Perez
  • Brenda Perez
  • Isabel Pfeifer
  • Flora Pinal
  • Hector Quiroz
  • Jesus Quiroz
  • Adriana Ramirez
  • Eric Rembos
  • Jose Renteria
  • Guillermo Retis
  • Sonia Rivelli
  • Reynaldo Robledo
  • Rogelio Robledo
  • Rodolfo Robledo
  • Tony Rodriguez
  • Mario Rodriguez
  • Katie Rodriguez
  • Mirta Rodriguez
  • Jose Rodriguez
  • Abraham Rodriguez
  • Sabina Rueles
  • Jovita Salas
  • Robel Salas
  • Valerie Sandoval
  • Nestor Santamaria
  • Johanna Schilling
  • Jaime Serrano, Jr
  • Melissa Siracusa
  • Annette Teijero
  • Ernesto Torres
  • Elsa Uribe-Patterson
  • Luis Velazquez
  • Edward Vento
  • Eddie Vergara

[/li] [/list]

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