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NRSC Statement & Background on Nebraska Republican Senate Primary



“I congratulate Deb Fischer on winning the Nebraska Republican Senate Primary, and look forward to her election in November.  The difference in this race couldn’t be more clear.  Deb is a small business rancher, mother and conservative leader who believes we need to spend less, balance our budget and repeal ObamaCare, while her opponent supports bigger government and higher taxes.  It’s time to restore fiscal sanity and enact pro-jobs policies in Washington and we can do that with Deb Fischer as the next U.S. Senator from Nebraska.” – U.S. Senator John Cornyn, NRSC Chairman



Bob Kerrey is a New York City liberal whose sole goal as a U.S. Senator will be to enact a far-left agenda. 

Deb Fischer’s conservative record:


Kerrey’s far-left record:

  • Bob Kerrey believes ObamaCare didn’t go far enough (Bob Kerrey, Remarks At Tishman Auditorium, New York City, 9/16/09)
  • Kerrey is vehemently opposed to a balanced budget amendment, in 1997 he was the key vote deciding against it (S. J. Res. 1, CQ Vote #24: Rejected 66-34: R 55-0; D 11-34, 3/4/97, Kerrey Voted Nay)
  • Kerrey is a supporter of Barack Obama’s cap-and-trade legislation, going to far as to compare those who oppose it to those who opposed civil rights legislation (Bob Kerrey, Remarks At Tishman Auditorium, New York City, 10/22/09)
  • Kerrey supports partial-birth abortion .” (S. 1692, CQ Vote #340: Passed 63-34: R 48-3; D 14-31; I 1-0, 10/21/99, Kerrey Voted Nay)
  • Kerrey even opposes parental notification laws (John King, “Democrats Promise To Protect Abortion Rights, Help Cities,” The Associated Press, 1/23/92)

While the liberal establishment will continue to spin this race and continue to line Kerrey’s campaign war chest, the reality is that his unabashed support for ObamaCare, abortions, cap-and-trade and the rest of Barack Obama’s job-killing agenda puts him at serious odds with a strong majority of voters in Nebraska.

As Bob Kerrey once told his hometown newspaper the New York Times, Nebraska is a very Republican and conservative state.  We couldn’t agree more with Mr. Kerrey’s political assessment, which is why we firmly believe that his liberal positions are wrong for Nebraska and the next Senator from the Cornhusker State will be Deb Fischer.

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