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Comprehension and Context



Far too many on the Left in this country have a comprehension and contextual reading deficit.   They take the words of blogs that have quoted or have taken someone’s words out of context.

Just this week’s post by Sanjay Sanghoee at the HuffPo.    Merchants of Bigotry is a screed against conservative El Rushbo, Glenn Beck and Ted Nugent.   I am sure he has never listened to any of these men for more that a few minutes, or only read them in the posts of the Daily Kos or Democrat Underground.    So without actually listening to these people, he comes to the conclusion that they are Bigots and spout hatred.

My friend Van took apart his little screed more eloquently than I ever could:

That seems even less likely as we immediately get to his assertion that ‘conservatives who love to hate‘… if he was interested in fair mindedness, reason, etc, rather than just engaging in bashing these folks, you’d expect some definitions, wouldn’t you? And some examples of their engaging in that nastiness as well, right?

Go read the whole thing.   It is very good.

And my friend Ginny goes into the hypocrisy of Sanjay’s post by bringing up the fact that he is sympathetic to the Occutards who actually are violent and spout hatred:

But what amused me most about this particular piece was the fact that Sanghoee could not let go of the idea that it’s always right-wingers who support, condone, and incite violence. “Ted and Rush make a lot of money by throwing Molotov cocktails into the public discourse,” he says. If you want a good giggle, go back through Sanjay Sanghoee’s posts at The Huffington Post and He’s sympathetic to Occupiers worldwide. So if you want to throw a verbal Molotov Cocktail, Sanghoee will be there to nail you to the wall. But if you want to throw a real one, break things, set things on fire, or attack local law enforcement, he’ll give you a glowing review.


I know that people on both sides take things out of context and have reading comprehension problems.   But is seems the people like Sanjay go out of their way to accuse people of bigotry, hatred and everything else under the sun without any kind of actual facts.

I am not really a fan of Glenn  Beck, but I do not think he spouts hatred or anything of the kind, he is just a little too much on the conspiracy theorist side for me.    Ted Nugent has always been bombastic and that is his forte.   He is the Motor City Madman, but never have I heard bigotry or hatred from him

And for El Rushbo, he has a tendency to use the absurd for absurdity’s sake.   I use to listen to him all the time, but do not have time to listen that much any more.  But in all my years of listening to him, I never heard bigotry or hatred from his show.   Mocking and using absurdity is not hatred or bigotry.

Many in this country need to understand that having a different opinion does not mean hatred or ill will towards others.   Being against the HHS Mandate does not mean I am against women.  I am for Religious Freedom from Government interference.   And being against Gay Marriage also does not mean I hate Gays, I have many friends that are gay and many are also Conservative.   Freedom of Speech in this country gives us the Right to disagree and to debate issues.  But posts like  Sanjay’s try to stifle debate and will only lead to more division.


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