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Congressional Candidate Bob Fuehr Is “On the Radar” in NRCC’s “Young Guns” Program



Salt Lake City – April 4, 2012 – The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) today announced that Bob Fuehr, Republican Candidate for Utah’s 2nd Congressional District, has attained ‘On the Radar’ status, the second step of three to becoming a NRCC ‘Young Gun’ candidate.


The ‘Young Guns’ program was founded with the purpose of identifying and recruiting strong Republican candidates to run for Congress. Each step in the program has its own criteria that must be met before the NRCC designates the candidate as a ‘Contender,’ ‘On the Radar,’ or ‘Young Gun.’ By achieving the ‘On the Radar’ status, the Fuehr campaign has met the NRCC’s benchmarks for organization and fundraising.


In response to his ‘On the Radar’ designation, Fuehr said, “I am very proud that my campaign is receiving this recognition from the NRCC. It speaks to the strength and hard work of my supporters, staff, and all of our volunteers. I couldn’t do it without their help.” Fuehr went on to say, “I will continue to work hard to earn the respect and support of the people of Utah’s 2nd District. My message of fiscal responsibility, smaller government, and economic growth is resonating with voters. The NRCC’s acknowledgement of my campaign’s strength underscores this fact.”


“We need leaders in Washington with the experience and judgment to make a difference. We need people who are willing to stand-up to the Obama Administration who are trying to control our health care, dictate what our teachers can teach our children and take our public lands away from the citizens of Utah.  It’s time Washington lived up to our founding principles and returned its power back to the states, back to the people of Utah’s 2nd District where we know what’s best for us. This is why I’m running to be the next Congressman for Utah’s 2nd District: to put our fiscal house in order, maintain a strong defense, and get an increasingly intrusive government out of our daily lives so we can grow this economy and create jobs,” says Fuehr.

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About Bob Fuehr:
Bob Fuehr was a corporate officer at a Fortune 500 company, the Chief Operating Officer at an Internet start-up, a telecommunications consultant for NTT in Japan and the Director of Business and Economic Development for the State of Utah.  He is a graduate of CASE Tech and the Harvard Business School and was a Visiting Professor of Economics at Gakushuin University in Tokyo when he worked there. You can learn more about Fuehr at
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