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Give ’em an inch, they’ll take a trillion



I saw this frightening graphic of our national debt at the Washington Post (go here for the original post):

debt ceiling graph

Note the red line – that’s the debt ceiling. See how every single time it gets raised, our national debt grows to match it? We’ve created the financial equivalent of a goldfish growing to fit its tank.


Let's leave you in that little bowl, OK, Mr. Fish?

This is why we need to stop raising the flippin’ debt ceiling. If the Republicans in Congress vote to raise it one more time to give them time to work out some longer term solutions, I can grudgingly accept that, but they had darn well better play some serious hardball with that vote and wrangle some real and significant spending cuts and reforms from the Democrats.

We can’t afford to wait much longer.

[Cross-posted at Sunshine State Sarah, RedState, and RedCounty]

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