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Still Looking For General Omar Bradley In 2012 Presidential Contest



Known by his troops in World War II as “The Soldier’s General” because of his care of and compassion for those soldiers under his command. Bradley arrived in North Africa in the aftermath of the Kasserine Pass debacle. He found a much-chastened Eisenhower worrying about the failure of American units to perform well against their more experienced German opponents. The local British commander had been especially harsh in assessing the initial combat performance of the Americans. Bradley’s task throughout the remainder of the North African campaign was to convince both his men and the British that the American soldier was as good as any and that American leaders were as tactically adept as their Allied and Axis counterparts.

The conquest of Sicily ultimately persuaded Italy to withdraw from the war, but the Allied operation was less than a complete success. Advancing from the south of Sicily along two axes of approach in a classic pincer converging on the port of Messina, the Allies allowed the German units to escape across the narrow straits to the Italian mainland. Bickering between American and British commanders also continued. On the positive side, American troops had learned a lot more about fighting. They had conducted their first opposed amphibious landings and airborne assaults, brought four new divisions successfully into battle, and taken a field army into war for the first time. It was during the fighting in Sicily that war correspondent Ernie Pyle “discovered” Bradley and established his reputation as “The Soldier’s General.”

Approaching the 2012 election for President the GOP has established FOBs in 29 states which comprise 310 electoral votes. 270 electoral votes are needed for victory. From what information is available at The Precinct Project’s Blog, I list the states where the morale is high among the soldiers.

  • Texas 38
  • Florida 29
  • Pennsylvania 20
  • Ohio 18
  • Georgia 16
  • Michigan 16
  • New Jersey 14
  • Virginia 13
  • Arizona 11
  • Tennessee 11
  • South Carolina 9
  • Oklahoma 7
  • Kansas 6
  • Nevada 6
  • Utah 6
  • Idaho 4

The list above comprises only 224 electoral votes. The remaining FOBs comprise 86 electoral votes where it is not clear how a constitutional conservative can become an active PC that organizes and unifies a majority of voters to elect a constitutional conservative for President. The state GOP may just prefer status quo or the events for over the last two years may have knocked some sense into them.

Below is a list of “behind enemy lines” areas that have not yet established a FOB. Despite being behind enemy lines the morale is high among the soldiers here.

  • California 55
  • New York 29
  • Illinois 20
  • North Carolina 15
  • Washington 12
  • Minnesota 10
  • Colorado 9
  • Kentucky 8
  • Oregon 7

Now if you do live in a state I have not listed, and you have information that I do not have with repect to becoming a PC in your state, then please share this information. If we want to have constitutional conservatives win our country back, then we need someone with General Omar Bradley traits. A winning attitude defeats a reconciling attitude every time.

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